Pat Maio


Pat Maio is the Common Core math-NGSS writer. He previously covered K-12 education in San Diego for the San Diego Union-Tribune. He has a strong background in financial reporting, and has covered major financial stories ranging from the dot-com bust of the late 90s and the S&L crisis, to electricity deregulation in California and the Great Recession. He began his career in Ohio and West Virginia, and moved on to Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, where he had the inside scoop on the sale of the Orioles baseball team to Peter Angelos after helping Angelos find the right person to call. He also has won several journalism awards, including stories on the Beirut bombing that killed more than 200 Marines, the launch of the space shuttle Discovery after the Challenger explosion, and worker shortages in San Diego avocado groves. His latest award came for his economics writing on the recovery of the welding industry in San Diego.

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