This week, we revisit Proposition 187 — the anti-immigrant initiative that California voters passed 25 years ago this week — with Los Angeles Times writer Gustavo Arellano.

For him and other Latinos of his generation, the passage of Prop. 187 was a turning point in their lives, determining career choices and igniting an interest in politics. That was perhaps its biggest legacy; courts threw out most of the initiative’s provisions, including banning undocumented children from attending public schools.

Also, the superintendent of schools in Placer County, Gayle Garbolino Mojica, discusses how her 16 districts, between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe, were able to lessen disruptions from multiple days of electrical blackouts over the past month. The new normal of devastating fires requires more preparation, she says.

Plus, reporter Sydney Johnson captures sounds of high school students learning skills in the outdoors to become what California will need a lot more of: well-trained forest managers.

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