Over the past week, most of California’s best known colleges and universities have cancelled in-person classes in response to the coronavirus crisis.

But they now have to deliver on their pledge to offer a high-quality college curriculum to millions of students remotely — not at some distant date, but beginning almost immediately. How prepared are they to do so?

This week, Louis and John talk with Jenn Stringer, deputy chief information officer at UC Berkeley, and EdSource higher education reporter Ashley Smith about the challenges and opportunities of remote learning.

They also talk to Melanie Russo, a Cal junior majoring in astrophysics, about her reactions to her suddenly transformed learning environment. How students and faculty traverse this new landscape could shape the college learning experience for decades to come.

For background to this podcast, check out the following from EdSource:

The Poynter Institute webinar referenced by Ashley Smith in her interview can be found here: How to Effectively Teach Online