This story was updated on Monday, April 27 with updated closures and projected reopen dates.

As the number of confirmed coronavirus cases continues to grow, EdSource is tracking how California K-12 schools are responding. As of April 27, all schools had closed, based on EdSource’s tracking of closures. The last school to close was Outside Creek Elementary, single-school district in Tulare County with about 100 students.

On March 17, Gov. Gavin Newsom predicted that schools could remain closed until summer. “Don’t anticipate schools are going to open up in a week,” Newsom said. “Please don’t anticipate in a few weeks. I would plan and assume that it’s unlikely that many of these schools,  few, if any, will open up before the summer break.”

Districts are listing a range of dates when think they might reopen — all of which are subject to the state of the virus pandemic at that time.  An increasing number of districts are saying they expect to be closed through the end of the school year.   

Below is a list of all of districts compiled by EdSource that have closed or moved to online learning, along with the date on which they closed.  Most schools closed between March 13 and March 18  We will update the list when school districts set a more definite date for reopening. In the meantime, consult the websites of individual districts to get the latest dates they expect to open.

Districts closed due to coronavirus

Last UpdatedCountyDistrictClosing Date
3/16/2020AlamedaAlameda Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020AlamedaAlbany City Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020AlamedaBerkeley Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020AlamedaCastro Valley Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020AlamedaDublin Unified3/13/2020
3/16/2020AlamedaEmery Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020AlamedaFremont Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020AlamedaHayward Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020AlamedaLivermore Valley Joint Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020AlamedaMountain House Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020AlamedaNew Haven Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020AlamedaNewark Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020AlamedaOakland Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020AlamedaPiedmont City Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020AlamedaPleasanton Unified3/17/2020
3/16/2020AlamedaSan Leandro Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020AlamedaSan Lorenzo Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020AlamedaSunol Glen Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020AlpineAlpine County Unified3/17/2020
3/18/2020AmadorAmador County Unified3/16/2020
3/23/2020ButteBangor Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/23/2020ButteBiggs Unified3/16/2020
3/23/2020ButteChico Unified3/16/2020
3/23/2020ButteDurham Unified3/16/2020
3/23/2020ButteGolden Feather Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/23/2020ButteGridley Unified3/16/2020
3/23/2020ButteManzanita Elementary3/16/2020
3/23/2020ButteOroville City Elementary3/16/2020
3/23/2020ButteOroville Union High3/16/2020
3/23/2020ButtePalermo Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/23/2020ButteParadise Unified3/16/2020
3/23/2020ButtePioneer Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/23/2020ButteThermalito Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020CalaverasBret Harte Union High3/16/2020
3/16/2020CalaverasCalaveras Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020CalaverasMark Twain Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020CalaverasVallecito Union3/16/2020
3/17/2020ColusaColusa Unified3/18/2020
3/17/2020ColusaMaxwell Unified3/18/2020
3/17/2020ColusaPierce Joint Unified3/18/2020
3/17/2020ColusaWilliams Unified3/18/2020
3/15/2020Contra CostaAcalanes Union High3/16/2020
3/13/2020Contra CostaAntioch Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020Contra CostaBrentwood Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020Contra CostaByron Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020Contra CostaCanyon Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020Contra CostaJohn Swett Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020Contra CostaKnightsen Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020Contra CostaLafayette Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020Contra CostaLiberty Union High3/16/2020
3/13/2020Contra CostaMartinez Unified3/16/2020
3/15/2020Contra CostaMoraga Elementary3/16/2020
3/13/2020Contra CostaMt. Diablo Unified3/17/2020
3/16/2020Contra CostaOakley Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020Contra CostaOrinda Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/13/2020Contra CostaPittsburg Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020Contra CostaSan Ramon Valley Unified3/16/2020
3/15/2020Contra CostaWalnut Creek Elementary3/16/2020
3/13/2020Contra CostaWest Contra Costa Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020Del NorteDel Norte County Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020El DoradoBlack Oak Mine Unified3/17/2020
3/14/2020El DoradoBuckeye Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020El DoradoCamino Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020El DoradoEl Dorado Union High3/16/2020
3/14/2020El DoradoGold Oak Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020El DoradoGold Trail Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020El DoradoIndian Diggings Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020El DoradoLake Tahoe Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020El DoradoLatrobe3/16/2020
3/14/2020El DoradoMother Lode Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020El DoradoPioneer Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020El DoradoPlacerville Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020El DoradoPollock Pines Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020El DoradoRescue Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020El DoradoSilver Fork Elementary3/16/2020
3/18/2020FresnoWest Park Elementary3/18/2020
3/16/2020FresnoAlvina Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020FresnoBig Creek Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020FresnoBurrel Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020FresnoCaruthers Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020FresnoCentral Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020FresnoClay Joint Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020FresnoClovis Unified3/16/2020
3/15/2020FresnoCoalinga-Huron Unified3/19/2020
3/14/2020FresnoFirebaugh-Las Deltas Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020FresnoFowler Unified3/17/2020
3/13/2020FresnoFresno Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020FresnoGolden Plains Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020FresnoKerman Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020FresnoKings Canyon Joint Unified3/17/2020
3/16/2020FresnoKingsburg Elementary Charter3/16/2020
3/16/2020FresnoKingsburg Joint Union High3/16/2020
3/14/2020FresnoLaton Joint Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020FresnoMendota Unified3/17/2020
3/14/2020FresnoMonroe Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020FresnoOrange Center3/16/2020
3/16/2020FresnoPacific Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020FresnoParlier Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020FresnoPine Ridge Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020FresnoRaisin City Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020FresnoRiverdale Joint Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020FresnoSanger Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020FresnoSelma Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020FresnoSierra Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020FresnoWashington Colony Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020FresnoWashington Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020FresnoWestside Elementary3/16/2020
3/17/2020GlennCapay Joint Union Elementary3/17/2020
3/17/2020GlennHamilton Unified3/17/2020
3/17/2020GlennLake Elementary3/17/2020
3/17/2020GlennOrland Joint Unified3/17/2020
3/17/2020GlennPlaza Elementary3/17/2020
3/17/2020GlennPrinceton Joint Unified3/16/2020
3/17/2020GlennStony Creek Joint Unified3/17/2020
3/17/2020GlennWillows Unified3/17/2020
3/17/2020HumboldtOrick Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020HumboldtArcata Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020HumboldtBig Lagoon Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020HumboldtBlue Lake Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020HumboldtBridgeville Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020HumboldtCuddeback Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020HumboldtCutten Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020HumboldtEureka City Schools3/16/2020
3/15/2020HumboldtFerndale Unified3/16/2020
3/15/2020HumboldtFieldbrook Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020HumboldtFortuna Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020HumboldtFortuna Union High3/16/2020
3/15/2020HumboldtFreshwater Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020HumboldtGarfield Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020HumboldtGreen Point Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020HumboldtHydesville Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020HumboldtJacoby Creek Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020HumboldtKlamath-Trinity Joint Unified3/16/2020
3/15/2020HumboldtKneeland Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020HumboldtLoleta Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020HumboldtMaple Creek Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020HumboldtMattole Unified3/16/2020
3/15/2020HumboldtMcKinleyville Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020HumboldtNorthern Humboldt Union High3/16/2020
3/15/2020HumboldtPacific Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020HumboldtPeninsula Union3/15/2020
3/16/2020HumboldtRio Dell Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020HumboldtScotia Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020HumboldtSouth Bay Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020HumboldtSouthern Humboldt Joint Unified3/16/2020
3/15/2020HumboldtTrinidad Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020ImperialBrawley Elementary3/17/2020
3/16/2020ImperialBrawley Union High3/17/2020
3/16/2020ImperialCalexico Unified3/17/2020
3/16/2020ImperialCalipatria Unified3/17/2020
3/16/2020ImperialCentral Union High3/17/2020
3/16/2020ImperialEl Centro Elementary3/17/2020
3/16/2020ImperialHeber Elementary3/17/2020
3/16/2020ImperialHoltville Unified3/17/2020
3/16/2020ImperialImperial Unified3/17/2020
3/16/2020ImperialMagnolia Union Elementary3/17/2020
3/16/2020ImperialMcCabe Union Elementary3/17/2020
3/16/2020ImperialMeadows Union Elementary3/17/2020
3/16/2020ImperialMulberry Elementary3/17/2020
3/16/2020ImperialSan Pasqual Valley Unified3/17/2020
3/16/2020ImperialSeeley Union Elementary3/17/2020
3/16/2020ImperialWestmorland Union Elementary3/17/2020
3/16/2020InyoDeath Valley Unified3/17/2020
3/17/2020InyoBig Pine Unified3/23/2020
3/16/2020InyoBishop Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020InyoLone Pine Unified3/17/2020
3/16/2020InyoOwens Valley Unified3/17/2020
3/16/2020InyoRound Valley Joint Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020KernArvin Union3/18/2020
3/16/2020KernBakersfield City3/18/2020
3/16/2020KernBeardsley Elementary3/18/2020
3/16/2020KernBelridge Elementary3/18/2020
3/16/2020KernBlake Elementary3/18/2020
3/16/2020KernButtonwillow Union Elementary3/18/2020
3/16/2020KernCaliente Union Elementary3/18/2020
3/15/2020KernDelano Joint Union High3/18/2020
3/15/2020KernDelano Union Elementary3/18/2020
3/16/2020KernDi Giorgio Elementary3/18/2020
3/16/2020KernEdison Elementary3/18/2020
3/16/2020KernEl Tejon Unified3/18/2020
3/16/2020KernElk Hills Elementary3/18/2020
3/16/2020KernFairfax Elementary3/18/2020
3/16/2020KernFruitvale Elementary3/18/2020
3/16/2020KernGeneral Shafter Elementary3/18/2020
3/16/2020KernGreenfield Union3/18/2020
3/16/2020KernKern High3/18/2020
3/16/2020KernKernville Union Elementary3/18/2020
3/16/2020KernLakeside Union3/18/2020
3/16/2020KernLamont Elementary3/18/2020
3/16/2020KernLinns Valley-Poso Flat Union3/18/2020
3/16/2020KernLost Hills Union Elementary3/18/2020
3/16/2020KernMaple Elementary3/17/2020
3/16/2020KernMaricopa Unified3/18/2020
3/16/2020KernMcFarland Unified3/18/2020
3/16/2020KernMcKittrick Elementary3/18/2020
3/16/2020KernMidway Elementary3/18/2020
3/16/2020KernMojave Unified3/18/2020
3/16/2020KernMuroc Joint Unified3/18/2020
3/16/2020KernNorris Elementary3/18/2020
3/16/2020KernPanama-Buena Vista Union3/18/2020
3/16/2020KernPond Union Elementary3/18/2020
3/16/2020KernRichland Union Elementary3/18/2020
3/16/2020KernRio Bravo-Greeley Union Elementary3/18/2020
3/16/2020KernRosedale Union Elementary3/18/2020
3/16/2020KernSemitropic Elementary3/18/2020
3/16/2020KernSierra Sands Unified3/18/2020
3/16/2020KernSouth Fork Union3/18/2020
3/16/2020KernSouthern Kern Unified3/18/2020
3/16/2020KernStandard Elementary3/18/2020
3/16/2020KernTaft City3/18/2020
3/16/2020KernTaft Union High3/18/2020
3/16/2020KernTehachapi Unified3/18/2020
3/16/2020KernVineland Elementary3/18/2020
3/16/2020KernWasco Union Elementary3/18/2020
3/16/2020KernWasco Union High3/18/2020
3/14/2020KingsArmona Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020KingsCentral Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020KingsCorcoran Joint Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020KingsHanford Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020KingsHanford Joint Union High3/16/2020
3/14/2020KingsIsland Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020KingsKings River-Hardwick Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020KingsKit Carson Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020KingsLakeside Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020KingsLemoore Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020KingsLemoore Union High3/16/2020
3/14/2020KingsPioneer Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020KingsReef-Sunset Unified3/16/2020
3/15/2020LakeKelseyville Unified3/16/2020
3/15/2020LakeKonocti Unified3/16/2020
3/15/2020LakeLakeport Unified3/16/2020
3/15/2020LakeLucerne Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020LakeMiddletown Unified3/16/2020
3/15/2020LakeUpper Lake Unified3/16/2020
3/17/2020LassenBig Valley Joint Unified3/19/2020
3/17/2020LassenFort Sage Unified3/19/2020
3/17/2020LassenJanesville Union Elementary3/19/2020
3/17/2020LassenJohnstonville Elementary3/19/2020
3/17/2020LassenLassen Union High3/19/2020
3/17/2020LassenRavendale-Termo Elementary3/19/2020
3/17/2020LassenRichmond Elementary3/19/2020
3/17/2020LassenShaffer Union Elementary3/19/2020
3/17/2020LassenSusanville Elementary3/19/2020
3/16/2020LassenWestwood Unified3/19/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesABC Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesActon-Agua Dulce Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesAlhambra Unified3/16/2020
3/13/2020Los AngelesAntelope Valley Union High3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesArcadia Unified3/16/2020
3/13/2020Los AngelesAzusa Unified3/16/2020
3/13/2020Los AngelesBaldwin Park Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesBassett Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesBellflower Unified3/16/2020
3/13/2020Los AngelesBeverly Hills Unified3/13/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesBonita Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesBurbank Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesCastaic Union3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesCentinela Valley Union High3/16/2020
3/13/2020Los AngelesCharter Oak Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesClaremont Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesCompton Unified3/16/2020
3/13/2020Los AngelesCovina-Valley Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesCulver City Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesDowney Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesDuarte Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesEast Whittier City Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesEastside Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesEl Monte City3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesEl Monte Union High3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesEl Rancho Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesEl Segundo Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesGarvey Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesGlendale Unified3/16/2020
3/13/2020Los AngelesGlendora Unified3/16/2020
3/15/2020Los AngelesGorman Joint3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesHacienda la Puente Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesHawthorne3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesHermosa Beach City Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020Los AngelesHughes-Elizabeth Lakes Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesInglewood Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesKeppel Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesLa Canada Unified3/13/2020
3/13/2020Los AngelesLancaster Elementary3/16/2020
3/13/2020Los AngelesLas Virgenes Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesLawndale Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesLennox3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesLittle Lake City Elementary3/16/2020
3/13/2020Los AngelesLong Beach Unified3/16/2020
3/23/2020Los AngelesLos Angeles Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesLos Nietos3/16/2020
3/13/2020Los AngelesLowell Joint3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesLynwood Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesManhattan Beach Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesMonrovia Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesMontebello Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesMountain View Elementary3/16/2020
3/13/2020Los AngelesNewhall3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesNorwalk-La Mirada Unified3/16/2020
3/13/2020Los AngelesPalmdale Elementary3/16/2020
3/13/2020Los AngelesPalos Verdes Peninsula Unified3/13/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesParamount Unified3/16/2020
3/13/2020Los AngelesPasadena Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesPomona Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesRedondo Beach Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesRosemead Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesRowland Unified3/16/2020
3/13/2020Los AngelesSan Gabriel Unified3/16/2020
3/23/2020Los AngelesSan Marino Unified3/16/2020
3/13/2020Los AngelesSanta Monica-Malibu Unified3/13/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesSaugus Union3/16/2020
3/13/2020Los AngelesSouth Pasadena Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesSouth Whittier Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesSulphur Springs Union3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesTemple City Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesTorrance Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesValle Lindo Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesWalnut Valley Unified3/16/2020
3/13/2020Los AngelesWest Covina Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesWestside Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesWhittier City Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesWhittier Union High3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesWilliam S. Hart Union High3/16/2020
3/15/2020Los AngelesWilsona Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020Los AngelesWiseburn Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020MaderaAlview-Dairyland Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020MaderaBass Lake Joint Union Elementaryn/a
3/16/2020MaderaChawanakee Unifiedn/a
3/14/2020MaderaChowchilla Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020MaderaChowchilla Union Highn/a
3/14/2020MaderaGolden Valley Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020MaderaMadera Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020MaderaRaymond-Knowles Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020MaderaYosemite Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020MarinBolinas-Stinson Union3/16/2020
3/14/2020MarinKentfield Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020MarinLaguna Joint Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020MarinLagunitas Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020MarinLarkspur-Corte Madera3/16/2020
3/14/2020MarinLincoln Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020MarinMill Valley Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020MarinMiller Creek Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020MarinNovato Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020MarinReed Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/13/2020MarinRoss Elementary3/13/2020
3/14/2020MarinRoss Valley Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020MarinSan Rafael City Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020MarinSan Rafael City High3/16/2020
3/14/2020MarinSausalito Marin City3/16/2020
3/14/2020MarinShoreline Unified3/16/2020
3/13/2020MarinTamalpais Union High3/13/2020
3/16/2020MariposaMariposa County Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020MendocinoAnderson Valley Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020MendocinoArena Union Elementary3/17/2020
3/16/2020MendocinoFort Bragg Unified3/17/2020
3/16/2020MendocinoLaytonville Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020MendocinoLeggett Valley Unified3/17/2020
3/16/2020MendocinoManchester Union Elementary3/17/2020
3/16/2020MendocinoMendocino Unified3/17/2020
3/16/2020MendocinoPoint Arena Joint Union High3/17/2020
3/16/2020MendocinoPotter Valley Community Unified3/17/2020
3/16/2020MendocinoRound Valley Unified3/13/2020
3/16/2020MendocinoUkiah Unified3/17/2020
3/16/2020MendocinoWillits Unified3/16/2020
3/15/2020MercedAtwater Elementary3/19/2020
3/15/2020MercedBallico-Cressey Elementary3/19/2020
3/15/2020MercedDelhi Unified3/19/2020
3/15/2020MercedDos Palos Oro Loma Joint Unified3/19/2020
3/15/2020MercedEl Nido Elementary3/19/2020
3/15/2020MercedGustine Unified3/19/2020
3/15/2020MercedHilmar Unified3/19/2020
3/15/2020MercedLe Grand Union Elementary3/19/2020
3/15/2020MercedLe Grand Union High3/19/2020
3/15/2020MercedLivingston Union3/19/2020
3/15/2020MercedLos Banos Unified3/19/2020
3/15/2020MercedMcSwain Union Elementary3/19/2020
3/15/2020MercedMerced City Elementary3/19/2020
3/15/2020MercedMerced River Union Elementary3/19/2020
3/15/2020MercedMerced Union High3/19/2020
3/15/2020MercedPlainsburg Union Elementary3/19/2020
3/15/2020MercedPlanada Elementary3/19/2020
3/15/2020MercedSnelling-Merced Falls Union Elementary3/19/2020
3/15/2020MercedWeaver Union3/19/2020
3/16/2020ModocModoc Joint Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020ModocSurprise Valley Joint Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020ModocTulelake Basin Joint Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020MonoEastern Sierra Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020MonoMammoth Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020MontereyAlisal Union3/16/2020
3/14/2020MontereyBig Sur Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020MontereyBradley Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/13/2020MontereyCarmel Unified3/13/2020
3/14/2020MontereyChualar Union3/16/2020
3/14/2020MontereyGonzales Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020MontereyGraves Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020MontereyGreenfield Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020MontereyKing City Union3/16/2020
3/14/2020MontereyLagunita Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020MontereyMission Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020MontereyMonterey Peninsula Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020MontereyNorth Monterey County Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020MontereyPacific Grove Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020MontereySalinas City Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020MontereySalinas Union High3/16/2020
3/14/2020MontereySan Antonio Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020MontereySan Ardo Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020MontereySan Lucas Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020MontereySanta Rita Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020MontereySoledad Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020MontereySouth Monterey County Joint Union High3/16/2020
3/14/2020MontereySpreckels Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020MontereyWashington Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020NapaCalistoga Joint Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020NapaHowell Mountain Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020NapaNapa Valley Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020NapaPope Valley Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020NapaSaint Helena Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020NevadaChicago Park Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020NevadaClear Creek Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020NevadaGrass Valley Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020NevadaNevada City Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020NevadaNevada Joint Union High3/16/2020
3/14/2020NevadaPenn Valley Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020NevadaPleasant Ridge Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020NevadaTwin Ridges Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020NevadaUnion Hill Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020OrangeAnaheim Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020OrangeAnaheim Union High3/16/2020
3/14/2020OrangeBrea-Olinda Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020OrangeBuena Park Elementary3/16/2020
3/23/2020OrangeCapistrano Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020OrangeCentralia Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020OrangeCypress Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020OrangeFountain Valley Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020OrangeFullerton Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020OrangeFullerton Joint Union High3/16/2020
3/14/2020OrangeGarden Grove Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020OrangeHuntington Beach City Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020OrangeHuntington Beach Union High3/16/2020
3/14/2020OrangeIrvine Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020OrangeLa Habra City Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020OrangeLaguna Beach Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020OrangeLos Alamitos Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020OrangeMagnolia Elementary3/17/2020
3/14/2020OrangeNewport-Mesa Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020OrangeOcean View3/16/2020
3/14/2020OrangeOrange Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020OrangePlacentia-Yorba Linda Unified3/16/2020
3/18/2020OrangeSaddleback Valley Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020OrangeSanta Ana Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020OrangeSavanna Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020OrangeTustin Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020PlacerAckerman Charter3/16/2020
3/14/2020PlacerAlta-Dutch Flat Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020PlacerAuburn Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020PlacerColfax Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020PlacerDry Creek Joint Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020PlacerEureka Union3/16/2020
3/14/2020PlacerForesthill Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020PlacerLoomis Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020PlacerNewcastle Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020PlacerPlacer Hills Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020PlacerPlacer Union High3/16/2020
3/14/2020PlacerRocklin Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020PlacerRoseville City Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020PlacerRoseville Joint Union High3/16/2020
3/14/2020PlacerTahoe-Truckee Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020PlacerWestern Placer Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020PlumasPlumas Unified3/16/2020
3/18/2020RiversideAlvord Unified3/16/2020
3/18/2020RiversideBanning Unified3/16/2020
3/18/2020RiversideBeaumont Unified3/16/2020
3/18/2020RiversideCoachella Valley Unified3/16/2020
3/18/2020RiversideCorona-Norco Unified3/16/2020
3/18/2020RiversideDesert Center Unified3/16/2020
3/18/2020RiversideDesert Sands Unified3/16/2020
3/18/2020RiversideHemet Unified3/16/2020
3/18/2020RiversideJurupa Unified3/16/2020
3/18/2020RiversideLake Elsinore Unified3/16/2020
3/18/2020RiversideMenifee Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/18/2020RiversideMoreno Valley Unified3/16/2020
3/18/2020RiversideMurrieta Valley Unified3/16/2020
3/18/2020RiversideNuview Union3/16/2020
3/18/2020RiversidePalm Springs Unified3/16/2020
3/18/2020RiversidePalo Verde Unified3/16/2020
3/18/2020RiversidePerris Elementary3/16/2020
3/18/2020RiversidePerris Union High3/16/2020
3/18/2020RiversideRiverside Unified3/16/2020
3/18/2020RiversideRomoland Elementary3/16/2020
3/18/2020RiversideSan Jacinto Unified3/16/2020
3/18/2020RiversideTemecula Valley Unified3/16/2020
3/18/2020RiversideVal Verde Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020SacramentoArcohe Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020SacramentoCenter Joint Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020SacramentoElk Grove Unified3/7/2020
3/14/2020SacramentoElverta Joint Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020SacramentoFolsom-Cordova Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020SacramentoGalt Joint Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020SacramentoGalt Joint Union High3/16/2020
3/14/2020SacramentoNatomas Unified3/13/2020
3/14/2020SacramentoRiver Delta Joint Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020SacramentoRobla Elementary3/16/2020
3/23/2020SacramentoSacramento City Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020SacramentoSan Juan Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020SacramentoTwin Rivers Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020San BenitoAromas - San Juan Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020San BenitoBitterwater-Tully Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020San BenitoCienega Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020San BenitoHollister3/16/2020
3/14/2020San BenitoJefferson Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020San BenitoNorth County Joint Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020San BenitoPanoche Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020San BenitoSan Benito High3/16/2020
3/14/2020San BenitoSouthside Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020San BenitoTres Pinos Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020San BenitoWillow Grove Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020San BernardinoAdelanto Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020San BernardinoAlta Loma Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020San BernardinoApple Valley Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020San BernardinoBaker Valley Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020San BernardinoBarstow Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020San BernardinoBear Valley Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020San BernardinoCentral Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020San BernardinoChaffey Joint Union High3/16/2020
3/16/2020San BernardinoChino Valley Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020San BernardinoColton Joint Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020San BernardinoCucamonga Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020San BernardinoEtiwanda Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020San BernardinoFontana Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020San BernardinoHelendale Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020San BernardinoHesperia Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020San BernardinoLucerne Valley Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020San BernardinoMorongo Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020San BernardinoMountain View Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020San BernardinoMt. Baldy Joint Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020San BernardinoNeedles Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020San BernardinoOntario-Montclair3/16/2020
3/16/2020San BernardinoOro Grande3/16/2020
3/16/2020San BernardinoRedlands Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020San BernardinoRialto Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020San BernardinoRim of the World Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020San BernardinoSan Bernardino City Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020San BernardinoSilver Valley Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020San BernardinoSnowline Joint Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020San BernardinoTrona Joint Unified3/17/2020
3/16/2020San BernardinoUpland Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020San BernardinoVictor Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020San BernardinoVictor Valley Union High3/16/2020
3/16/2020San BernardinoYucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020San DiegoAlpine Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020San DiegoBonsall Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020San DiegoBorrego Springs Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020San DiegoCajon Valley Union3/16/2020
3/16/2020San DiegoCardiff Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020San DiegoCarlsbad Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020San DiegoChula Vista Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020San DiegoCoronado Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020San DiegoDehesa Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020San DiegoDel Mar Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020San DiegoEncinitas Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020San DiegoEscondido Union3/16/2020
3/16/2020San DiegoEscondido Union High3/16/2020
3/16/2020San DiegoFallbrook Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020San DiegoFallbrook Union High3/16/2020
3/16/2020San DiegoGrossmont Union High3/16/2020
3/16/2020San DiegoJamul-Dulzura Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020San DiegoJulian Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020San DiegoJulian Union High3/16/2020
3/16/2020San DiegoLa Mesa-Spring Valley3/16/2020
3/16/2020San DiegoLakeside Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020San DiegoLemon Grove3/16/2020
3/16/2020San DiegoMountain Empire Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020San DiegoNational Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020San DiegoOceanside Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020San DiegoPoway Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020San DiegoRamona City Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020San DiegoRancho Santa Fe Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020San DiegoSan Diego Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020San DiegoSan Dieguito Union High3/16/2020
3/16/2020San DiegoSan Marcos Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020San DiegoSan Pasqual Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020San DiegoSan Ysidro Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020San DiegoSantee3/16/2020
3/16/2020San DiegoSolana Beach Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020San DiegoSouth Bay Union3/16/2020
3/16/2020San DiegoSpencer Valley Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020San DiegoSweetwater Union High3/16/2020
3/16/2020San DiegoVallecitos Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020San DiegoValley Center-Pauma Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020San DiegoVista Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020San DiegoWarner Unified3/16/2020
3/13/2020San FranciscoSan Francisco Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020San JoaquinBanta Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020San JoaquinEscalon Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020San JoaquinJefferson Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020San JoaquinLammersville Joint Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020San JoaquinLincoln Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020San JoaquinLinden Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020San JoaquinLodi Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020San JoaquinManteca Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020San JoaquinNew Hope Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020San JoaquinNew Jerusalem Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020San JoaquinOak View Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020San JoaquinRipon Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020San JoaquinStockton Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020San JoaquinTracy Joint Unified3/16/2020
3/17/2020San Luis ObispoPleasant Valley Joint Union Elementary3/17/2020
3/14/2020San Luis ObispoAtascadero Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020San Luis ObispoCayucos Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020San Luis ObispoCoast Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020San Luis ObispoLucia Mar Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020San Luis ObispoPaso Robles Joint Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020San Luis ObispoSan Luis Coastal Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020San Luis ObispoSan Miguel Joint Union3/16/2020
3/14/2020San Luis ObispoShandon Joint Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020San Luis ObispoTempleton Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020San MateoBayshore Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020San MateoBelmont-Redwood Shores Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020San MateoBrisbane Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020San MateoBurlingame Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020San MateoCabrillo Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020San MateoHillsborough City Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020San MateoJefferson Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020San MateoJefferson Union High3/16/2020
3/14/2020San MateoLa Honda-Pescadero Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020San MateoLas Lomitas Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020San MateoMenlo Park City Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020San MateoMillbrae Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020San MateoPacifica3/16/2020
3/14/2020San MateoPortola Valley Elementary3/13/2020
3/14/2020San MateoRavenswood City Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020San MateoRedwood City Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020San MateoSan Bruno Park Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020San MateoSan Carlos Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020San MateoSan Mateo Union High3/16/2020
3/14/2020San MateoSan Mateo-Foster City3/16/2020
3/14/2020San MateoSequoia Union High3/16/2020
3/14/2020San MateoSouth San Francisco Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020San MateoWoodside Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa BarbaraBallard Elementary3/18/2020
3/14/2020Santa BarbaraBlochman Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa BarbaraBuellton Union Elementary3/18/2020
3/14/2020Santa BarbaraCarpinteria Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa BarbaraCold Spring Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa BarbaraCollege Elementary3/18/2020
3/14/2020Santa BarbaraCuyama Joint Unified3/18/2020
3/14/2020Santa BarbaraGoleta Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa BarbaraGuadalupe Union Elementary3/18/2020
3/14/2020Santa BarbaraHope Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa BarbaraLompoc Unified3/18/2020
3/14/2020Santa BarbaraLos Olivos Elementary3/18/2020
3/14/2020Santa BarbaraMontecito Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa BarbaraOrcutt Union Elementary3/18/2020
3/14/2020Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa BarbaraSanta Maria Joint Union High3/18/2020
3/14/2020Santa BarbaraSanta Maria-Bonita3/18/2020
3/14/2020Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Valley Union High3/18/2020
3/14/2020Santa BarbaraSolvang Elementary3/18/2020
3/14/2020Santa BarbaraVista del Mar Union3/18/2020
3/14/2020Santa ClaraAlum Rock Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa ClaraBerryessa Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa ClaraCambrian3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa ClaraCampbell Union3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa ClaraCampbell Union High3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa ClaraCupertino Union3/16/2020
3/15/2020Santa ClaraEast Side Union High3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa ClaraEvergreen Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa ClaraFranklin-McKinley Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa ClaraFremont Union High3/17/2020
3/14/2020Santa ClaraGilroy Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa ClaraLakeside Joint3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa ClaraLoma Prieta Joint Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa ClaraLos Altos Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa ClaraLos Gatos Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa ClaraLos Gatos-Saratoga Union High3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa ClaraLuther Burbank3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa ClaraMilpitas Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa ClaraMoreland3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa ClaraMorgan Hill Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa ClaraMount Pleasant Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa ClaraMountain View Whisman3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa ClaraMountain View-Los Altos Union High3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa ClaraOak Grove Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa ClaraOrchard Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa ClaraPalo Alto Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa ClaraSan Jose Unified3/13/2020
3/14/2020Santa ClaraSanta Clara Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa ClaraSaratoga Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa ClaraSunnyvale3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa ClaraUnion Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa CruzBonny Doon Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa CruzHappy Valley Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa CruzLive Oak Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa CruzMountain Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa CruzPacific Elementary3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa CruzPajaro Valley Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa CruzSan Lorenzo Valley Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa CruzSanta Cruz City Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020Santa CruzSanta Cruz City High3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa CruzScotts Valley Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020Santa CruzSoquel Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/18/2020ShastaCastle Rock Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/17/2020ShastaCottonwood Union Elementary3/17/2020
3/17/2020ShastaIndian Springs Elementary3/19/2020
3/17/2020ShastaJunction Elementary3/17/2020
3/17/2020ShastaMountain Union Elementary3/17/2020
3/16/2020ShastaMillville Elementary3/18/2020
3/16/2020ShastaAnderson Union High3/16/2020
3/16/2020ShastaBella Vista Elementary3/17/2020
3/16/2020ShastaBlack Butte Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020ShastaCascade Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020ShastaColumbia Elementary3/17/2020
3/16/2020ShastaEnterprise Elementary3/17/2020
3/16/2020ShastaFall River Joint Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020ShastaFrench Gulch-Whiskeytown Elementary3/17/2020
3/16/2020ShastaGateway Unified3/17/2020
3/16/2020ShastaGrant Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020ShastaHappy Valley Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020ShastaIgo, Ono, Platina Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020ShastaNorth Cow Creek Elementary3/17/2020
3/16/2020ShastaOak Run Elementary3/17/2020
3/16/2020ShastaPacheco Union Elementary3/17/2020
3/16/2020ShastaRedding Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020ShastaShasta Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020ShastaShasta Union High3/16/2020
3/16/2020ShastaWhitmore Union Elementary3/17/2020
3/16/2020SierraSierra-Plumas Joint Unified3/17/2020
3/17/2020SiskiyouForks of Salmon Elementary3/16/2020
3/17/2020SiskiyouJunction Elementary3/15/2020
3/17/2020SiskiyouKlamath River Union Elementary3/23/2020
3/17/2020SiskiyouSeiad Elementary3/17/2020
3/17/2020SiskiyouYreka Union High3/18/2020
3/17/2020SiskiyouBig Springs Union Elementary3/18/2020
3/17/2020SiskiyouBogus Elementary3/20/2020
3/17/2020SiskiyouButte Valley Unified3/16/2020
3/17/2020SiskiyouDelphic Elementary3/18/2020
3/17/2020SiskiyouGazelle Union Elementary3/18/2020
3/17/2020SiskiyouGrenada Elementary3/18/2020
3/17/2020SiskiyouHornbrook Elementary3/16/2020
3/17/2020SiskiyouLittle Shasta Elementary3/16/2020
3/17/2020SiskiyouMontague Elementary3/23/2020
3/17/2020SiskiyouScott Valley Unified3/17/2020
3/17/2020SiskiyouWillow Creek Elementary3/23/2020
3/17/2020SiskiyouYreka Union Elementary3/23/2020
3/15/2020SiskiyouButteville Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020SiskiyouDunsmuir Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020SiskiyouDunsmuir Joint Union High3/18/2020
3/17/2020SiskiyouHappy Camp Union Elementary3/18/2020
3/17/2020SiskiyouMcCloud Union Elementary3/18/2020
3/15/2020SiskiyouMt. Shasta Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020SiskiyouSiskiyou Union High3/18/2020
3/15/2020SiskiyouWeed Union Elementary3/18/2020
3/14/2020SolanoBenicia Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020SolanoDixon Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020SolanoFairfield-Suisun Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020SolanoTravis Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020SolanoVacaville Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020SolanoVallejo City Unified3/16/2020
3/15/2020SonomaAlexander Valley Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020SonomaBellevue Union3/16/2020
3/15/2020SonomaBennett Valley Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020SonomaCinnabar Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020SonomaCloverdale Unified3/16/2020
3/15/2020SonomaCotati-Rohnert Park Unified3/16/2020
3/15/2020SonomaDunham Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020SonomaForestville Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020SonomaFort Ross Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020SonomaGeyserville Unified3/16/2020
3/15/2020SonomaGravenstein Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020SonomaGuerneville Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020SonomaHarmony Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020SonomaHealdsburg Unified3/16/2020
3/15/2020SonomaHoricon Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020SonomaKashia Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020SonomaLiberty Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020SonomaMark West Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020SonomaMonte Rio Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020SonomaMontgomery Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020SonomaOak Grove Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020SonomaOld Adobe Union3/16/2020
3/15/2020SonomaPetaluma City Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020SonomaPetaluma Joint Union High3/16/2020
3/15/2020SonomaPiner-Olivet Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020SonomaRincon Valley Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020SonomaSanta Rosa Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020SonomaSanta Rosa High3/16/2020
3/15/2020SonomaSebastopol Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020SonomaSonoma Valley Unified3/16/2020
3/15/2020SonomaTwin Hills Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020SonomaTwo Rock Union3/16/2020
3/15/2020SonomaWaugh Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020SonomaWest Side Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020SonomaWest Sonoma County Union High3/16/2020
3/15/2020SonomaWilmar Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020SonomaWindsor Unified3/16/2020
3/15/2020SonomaWright Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020StanislausCeres Unified3/19/2020
3/15/2020StanislausChatom Union3/19/2020
3/15/2020StanislausDenair Unified3/19/2020
3/15/2020StanislausEmpire Union Elementary3/19/2020
3/15/2020StanislausGratton Elementary3/19/2020
3/15/2020StanislausHart-Ransom Union Elementary3/19/2020
3/15/2020StanislausHickman Community Charter3/19/2020
3/15/2020StanislausHughson Unified3/19/2020
3/15/2020StanislausKeyes Union3/19/2020
3/15/2020StanislausKnights Ferry Elementary3/19/2020
3/15/2020StanislausModesto City Elementary3/19/2020
3/15/2020StanislausModesto City High3/19/2020
3/15/2020StanislausNewman-Crows Landing Unified3/19/2020
3/15/2020StanislausOakdale Joint Unified3/19/2020
3/15/2020StanislausParadise Elementary3/19/2020
3/15/2020StanislausPatterson Joint Unified3/19/2020
3/15/2020StanislausRiverbank Unified3/19/2020
3/15/2020StanislausRoberts Ferry Union Elementary3/19/2020
3/15/2020StanislausSalida Union Elementary3/19/2020
3/15/2020StanislausShiloh Elementary3/19/2020
3/15/2020StanislausStanislaus Union Elementary3/19/2020
3/15/2020StanislausSylvan Union Elementary3/19/2020
3/15/2020StanislausTurlock Unified3/19/2020
3/15/2020StanislausValley Home Joint Elementary3/19/2020
3/15/2020StanislausWaterford Unified3/19/2020
3/16/2020SutterBrittan Elementary3/17/2020
3/16/2020SutterBrowns Elementary3/17/2020
3/16/2020SutterEast Nicolaus Joint Union High3/17/2020
3/16/2020SutterFranklin Elementary3/17/2020
3/16/2020SutterLive Oak Unified3/17/2020
3/16/2020SutterMarcum-Illinois Union Elementary3/17/2020
3/16/2020SutterMeridian Elementary3/17/2020
3/16/2020SutterNuestro Elementary3/17/2020
3/16/2020SutterPleasant Grove Joint Union3/17/2020
3/16/2020SutterSutter Union High3/17/2020
3/15/2020SutterYuba City Unified3/17/2020
3/16/2020TehamaAntelope Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020TehamaCorning Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020TehamaCorning Union High3/16/2020
3/16/2020TehamaElkins Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020TehamaEvergreen Union3/16/2020
3/16/2020TehamaFlournoy Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020TehamaGerber Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020TehamaKirkwood Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020TehamaLassen View Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020TehamaLos Molinos Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020TehamaRed Bluff Joint Union High3/16/2020
3/16/2020TehamaRed Bluff Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020TehamaReeds Creek Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020TehamaRichfield Elementary3/16/2020
3/17/2020TrinitySouthern Trinity Joint Unified3/23/2020
3/18/2020TrinityTrinity Center Elementary3/18/2020
3/17/2020TrinityBurnt Ranch Elementary3/17/2020
3/17/2020TrinityCoffee Creek Elementary3/18/2020
3/17/2020TrinityDouglas City Elementary3/17/2020
3/17/2020TrinityJunction City Elementary3/17/2020
3/17/2020TrinityLewiston Elementaryn/a
3/17/2020TrinityMountain Valley Unified3/17/2020
3/17/2020TrinityTrinity Alps Unified3/17/2020
3/17/2020TulareAllensworth Elementaryn/a
3/17/2020TulareAlta Vista Elementary3/16/2020
3/17/2020TulareBurton Elementary3/16/2020
3/18/2020TulareColumbine Elementary3/18/2020
3/17/2020TulareDucor Union Elementary3/17/2020
3/18/2020TulareHot Springs Elementary3/30/2020
3/18/2020TulareLiberty Elementary3/13/2020
3/18/2020TulareOak Valley Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/17/2020TularePleasant View Elementary3/16/2020
3/19/2020TulareSpringville Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/18/2020TulareStone Corral Elementary3/18/2020
3/18/2020TulareStrathmore Union Elementary3/23/2020
3/18/2020TulareSundale Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/18/2020TulareTerra Bella Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/18/2020TulareThree Rivers Union Elementary3/17/2020
3/18/2020TulareWaukena Joint Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/17/2020TulareWoodville Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/17/2020TulareAlpaugh Unified3/18/2020
3/17/2020TulareBuena Vista Elementary3/16/2020
3/17/2020TulareEarlimart Elementary3/17/2020
3/17/2020TulareFarmersville Unified3/18/2020
3/17/2020TulareHope Elementary3/23/2020
3/17/2020TulareKings River Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/17/2020TularePalo Verde Union Elementary3/18/2020
3/17/2020TularePixley Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/17/2020TulareRichgrove Elementary3/19/2020
3/17/2020TulareRockford Elementary3/17/2020
3/17/2020TulareSaucelito Elementary3/17/2020
3/17/2020TulareSequoia Union Elementary3/17/2020
3/17/2020TulareSunnyside Union Elementary3/17/2020
3/17/2020TulareTraver Joint Elementary3/17/2020
3/16/2020TulareCutler-Orosi Joint Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020TulareDinuba Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020TulareExeter Unified3/18/2020
3/17/2020TulareLindsay Unified3/18/2020
3/15/2020TulareMonson-Sultana Joint Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/17/2020TularePorterville Unified3/16/2020
3/17/2020TulareTipton Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020TulareTulare City3/16/2020
3/16/2020TulareTulare Joint Union High3/16/2020
3/14/2020TulareVisalia Unified3/16/2020
3/15/2020TulareWoodlake Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020TuolumneBelleview Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020TuolumneBig Oak Flat-Groveland Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020TuolumneColumbia Union3/16/2020
3/16/2020TuolumneCurtis Creek Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020TuolumneJamestown Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020TuolumneSonora Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020TuolumneSonora Union High3/16/2020
3/16/2020TuolumneSoulsbyville Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020TuolumneSummerville Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020TuolumneSummerville Union High3/16/2020
3/16/2020TuolumneTwain Harte3/16/2020
3/15/2020VenturaHueneme Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020VenturaMesa Union Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020VenturaOcean View3/16/2020
3/15/2020VenturaOxnard Union High3/16/2020
3/15/2020VenturaPleasant Valley3/16/2020
3/15/2020VenturaSanta Clara Elementary3/16/2020
3/15/2020VenturaSanta Paula Unified3/16/2020
3/15/2020VenturaSomis Union3/16/2020
3/15/2020VenturaRio Elementary3/16/2020
3/13/2020VenturaBriggs Elementary3/16/2020
3/13/2020VenturaConejo Valley Unified3/16/2020
3/13/2020VenturaFillmore Unified3/16/2020
3/13/2020VenturaMoorpark Unified3/16/2020
3/15/2020VenturaMupu Elementary3/16/2020
3/13/2020VenturaOak Park Unified3/16/2020
3/13/2020VenturaOjai Unified3/16/2020
3/13/2020VenturaSimi Valley Unified3/16/2020
3/13/2020VenturaVentura Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020YoloDavis Joint Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020YoloEsparto Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020YoloWashington Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020YoloWinters Joint Unified3/16/2020
3/14/2020YoloWoodland Joint Unified3/16/2020
3/16/2020YubaCamptonville Elementary3/17/2020
3/16/2020YubaMarysville Joint Unified3/17/2020
3/16/2020YubaPlumas Lake Elementary3/16/2020
3/16/2020YubaWheatland Union High3/16/2020

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  1. Robert Stout 3 years ago3 years ago

    Is it possible to make a list like this for how schools\district are starting their fall semester?

  2. John 3 years ago3 years ago

    Most of the people I have talk to are not sending their kids back to school when they reopen.

  3. Grimm 3 years ago3 years ago

    I am a bit concerned for the students that are home and not attending some form of schooling. Most will have missed a good chunk of the school year. Some even missing more than a quarter at this point. What is going to happen when school is resumed? Will they just bump everyone up a grade and start again in the fall or will they make them repeat their current grade level?

  4. P 3 years ago3 years ago

    Private schools are stating that they come under the category of businesses, and can re-open as soon as the shelter-in-place order is lifted. To allow social distancing to continue being effective, private schools also need to be closed for the rest of the academic year. What can be done to persuade the California governor to issue an executive order mandating school closures for private schools?


    • John Fensterwald 3 years ago3 years ago

      Keep in mind, P, that Gov. Newsom has not ordered public schools to close. He has strongly encouraged them to, and collectively, they have acted responsibly.

  5. Usha Padma 3 years ago3 years ago

    Are Montessori schools closure are also extended till May 1st? I’m a Montessori school teacher and my employer has not informed anything about school closure yet. I’m worried if ours is open. Is it safe to work if it is open or all schools on mandatory closure?

  6. Cindy Morlok 3 years ago3 years ago

    If schools are closed, and the governor is saying stay at home, should teachers be going into classrooms to do distance learning or should they also be working from home? This is very confusing.


    • John Fensterwald 3 years ago3 years ago

      Cindy, this is not to answer your question, since districts are taking different approaches, just an observation. Based on his daily press conference, the governor is hardly staying at home. Yesterday, he was at the port of L.A. to meet the hospital ship Mercy.

  7. christopher brown 3 years ago3 years ago

    We are open. I am in class now teaching in Venutra.

  8. Marlene 3 years ago3 years ago

    Placer County Schools announced campuses closed until May 1 (or later)

  9. Keith Loewen 3 years ago3 years ago

    Washington Unified in Fresno County closed on March 16 and is currently scheduled to reopen on April 14.

  10. Jenn 3 years ago3 years ago

    As of 3/23/20 there is still one public school that I know of that is not closed. We have 12 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in our county and this grade school remains open. Is this even okay? How are they able to remain open while places are forced to close and stay at home order given. Name of school Outside Creek in Farmersville this is located just outside Visalia.


  11. Valerie 3 years ago3 years ago

    What is the status of nonpublic schools in CA? Are they considered essential and allowed to remain open or are they mandated to close as well?

  12. Michele 3 years ago3 years ago

    I heard San Marcos Unified was in the news due to the fact that we have no distance/online learning yet and the parents are angry. (This is true) Has there been a news article about it?

  13. Patricia 3 years ago3 years ago

    Small wonders preschool is still open. Barely any kids have been going and they’ve just been taking kids temperatures before they head in but I still think they should close. But they’re cutting people’s hours there. I know they sent some people home. But to be safe they need to close, too, like any other school.

  14. Emily Dinero 3 years ago3 years ago

    But is this for sure that Paramount Schools and Downey schools are going to re-open again? I want to know if this is for sure

  15. Derek 3 years ago3 years ago

    Perhaps this site only lists public schools. However, the Catholic Diocese of Sacramento has closed their schools from March 16 – March 27


    • Jennifer 3 years ago3 years ago

      I left a comment regarding the Catholic Diocese of Stockton and it has still yet to appear on this site. We have the same dates off as well. I think you’re right, maybe this is only for public schools. ~Stay healthy!

  16. Shannon 3 years ago3 years ago

    Why are private schools not listed?
    Why do some say n/a under projected start date?!

  17. Susan Galindo 3 years ago3 years ago

    What about Porterville Unified? Aren’t they closing their schools.

  18. Joanna 3 years ago3 years ago

    FYI Sacramento City Unified’s reopen date doesn’t look right.


    In coordination with the Sacramento County Office of Education and other districts in the region, the Sacramento City Unified School District will close all schools starting Monday, March 16 – Friday, March 27. Prior to March 27, Sac City Unified will update our community on any potential extension of the school closure period.

  19. Replies

    • Blythe 3 years ago3 years ago

      I too would be interested in a downloadable file for this data.

  20. bryce 3 years ago3 years ago

    Should I be worried or scared of this or not?

  21. Lorinda Stevens 3 years ago3 years ago

    Woefully not updated.
    Butte County Schools are closed, Red Bluff High School District closed , Corning Unified Elementary School Distict closed… Looking for others.


    • John Fensterwald 3 years ago3 years ago

      EdSource is continually updating the list as we receive the information. I encourage you to check back and to be patient. We do appreciate whatever information you and others can provide, and we will incorporate once we verify.

  22. James Cappuccio 3 years ago3 years ago

    Would it be possible to add a column for whether they’ve closed or moved to remote learning?

  23. John 3 years ago3 years ago

    What I can’t believe is I work at a restaurant, and schools are closing and other businesses but my restaurant is still open, and people and students are still coming to dine in. So what’s the point of closing some business and not everything? This does not make sense; I think close everything would make more sense.

  24. Tan 3 years ago3 years ago

    Do you know if Montessori private schools in Roseville will close up this week?

  25. Jennifer 3 years ago3 years ago

    All the schools in the Diocese of Stockton are closed. 3/16-3/27. San Joaquin County. The district would be the Diocese of Stockton.

  26. JudiAU 3 years ago3 years ago

    Larchmont Charter in Los Angeles (TK-12) closed for four weeks.

  27. Tany 3 years ago3 years ago

    Do any private Montessori preschool planning to shut down in Douglass CA?

  28. Steven Jesse Lewis 3 years ago3 years ago

    Crazy, first time through list I saw my grandson’s high school, but after I switched to 100 per page, it disappeared. Went back to 10 per page but the school is still not listed.

  29. Amber Mello 3 years ago3 years ago

    Sylvan Union and Modesto City school districts, both in Stanislaus County, will be closed 3/19-4/5 as of today.


    • A. Mello 3 years ago3 years ago

      Update: ALL Stanislaus County school districts will be closed beginning Thursday, 3/19.

  30. Suzanne Dempsey 3 years ago3 years ago

    You have missed most of Ventura county schools. Many of us will be closed March 16-20 or longer. I work for the Oxnard School District.


    • John Fensterwald 3 years ago3 years ago

      Yes, all districts in Ventura County will be closed for at least a week. Please recheck out list. We are updating as we get additional information.

  31. Mandi F. 3 years ago3 years ago

    Where is information found for NPS and Private schools?

  32. Victoria 3 years ago3 years ago

    Merced county still open….why?

  33. Troy 3 years ago3 years ago

    Wondering if SAE expression college in Emeryville CA will stay open.

  34. Andrew 3 years ago3 years ago

    My concern for the school districts with schools staying open, especially small districts, is the potential liability. If a teacher or other staff member is infected at school, the ensuing illness or even death fall under California's Workers Compensation law. The worker is entitled to medical care and other payments. Districts ordinarily obtain workers compensation insurance to cover this, as it is ordinarily not covered by regular health insurance. But a large number of claims … Read More

    My concern for the school districts with schools staying open, especially small districts, is the potential liability.

    If a teacher or other staff member is infected at school, the ensuing illness or even death fall under California’s Workers Compensation law. The worker is entitled to medical care and other payments. Districts ordinarily obtain workers compensation insurance to cover this, as it is ordinarily not covered by regular health insurance. But a large number of claims could bankrupt comp carriers and leave the districts holding the financial bag. Even one severely ill worker, perhaps needing extended ventilator use and critical care, could produce medical bills in seven figures.

    I will be surprised if the comp carriers don’t have something to say about districts keeping schools open until things are sorted out. When the state of California declined to close schools statewide and left that decision to individual districts, it also shifted the financial liability for a bad decision to the districts.

    There might also be district liability to students who become infected, or even family members infected by students who were infected at school.

    The financial consequences of all of this could be far worse than with PG&E and the aftermath of the Paradise fire. While school closings will have an adverse impact on students and their families, financial bankruptcy of districts and their comp carriers could be far worse.

  35. Shawna M 3 years ago3 years ago

    CJUSD is closed for 2 weeks for spring break and I was told that the schools will close for an additional 2 weeks due to coronavirus

  36. Mary Blyth Jones 3 years ago3 years ago

    Coalinga-Huron Unified School District is closed from 3/19/2020-4/13/2020. Thank you.

  37. J Kilpatrick 3 years ago3 years ago

    Many Siskiyou County schools are closing, according to the Siskiyou Daily News, though not listed here yet.

  38. Tami Isgett 3 years ago3 years ago

    I teach in Fontana Unified. We are being told to show up and that we may be sent to other sites as we become emergency workers in a national emergency. Apparently we will be working doing whatever they say. Our union….crickets


    • Tami isgett 3 years ago3 years ago

      Correction: Fontana Schools are closed next week for students only.

    • Char6 3 years ago3 years ago

      Tami, that is not a union issue. When you took a job, working for a school district run by the government you were told somewhere in the paperwork that you would be assigned to emergency response as part of working for the government. It is sad you do not have more community spirit.

    • Cyn 3 years ago3 years ago

      We have to go in as well. What the heck are we going to do???

  39. Pam VandeKamp 3 years ago3 years ago

    Pleasanton Unified School District will be closed March 17-TBD

  40. Monique Uriarte 3 years ago3 years ago

    is Crystalstairs in compton closed. their news feed on thieir site hasn’t been updated since 2017. I’ve tried to contact them, without luck. My sister is a teacher here and I am worried about her.

  41. chris 3 years ago3 years ago

    all Solano County Public schools closed late Friday from 3/16 – 3/27.

  42. Patrice 3 years ago3 years ago

    Do we have any information on how many California districts are requiring their staffs to show up for work each day even though school is closed and there are no students?


    • John Fensterwald 3 years ago3 years ago

      Not at this point, Patrice, but if you know of any districts that do require this, let us know.

      • J Ship 3 years ago3 years ago

        My district is closing all schools but are still requiring all adults to show up to the site and work.

  43. Mary Muze 3 years ago3 years ago

    Wondering if Contra Costa School of Performing Arts will be closed due to the Coronavirus.

  44. Sylvia Cisneros 3 years ago3 years ago

    Visalia Unified School District has closed all schools.

  45. Lynn 3 years ago3 years ago

    Many districts are holding meetings after school today to discuss closures. Check your school district’s website for info. Or, wait for the robocall.

  46. Adela Droe, Sr. Executive Assistant to the Superintendent 3 years ago3 years ago

    All 13 schools in the Bonita Unified School District in Los Angeles County are closed 3/16 through 4/3.

  47. Lisa Wilson 3 years ago3 years ago

    Manteca Unified School District is now closed through April 5

  48. Corrine hernandez 3 years ago3 years ago

    Will Greenwood Elementary in Montebello be closed on Monday due to the virus?

  49. MARK D HILL 3 years ago3 years ago

    Use Kahn Academy – free, online, paid for by Bill Gates. All free K – K14. No need to rely on public schools and you control the curriculum ! It’s used around the world.

  50. Angela 3 years ago3 years ago

    FYI, charter schools are public schools. This should be fixed. When information is shared, please make it correct!

  51. Daniel Worden 3 years ago3 years ago

    Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District (Orange County, CA) has closed all schools from 3/16 – 3/27.

  52. Chantelle Sims 3 years ago3 years ago

    CNUSD, Corona-Norco Unified in Riverside County, CA has closed for 3 weeks beginning March 16.

  53. Michele Pizzorno 3 years ago3 years ago

    Huntington Beach Union High School District is closing from March 16th to March 27th notified as of today at 2:20 pm from our Superintendent, Clint Harwick.

  54. Bill Broadley 3 years ago3 years ago

    Davis (DJUSD) and Vacaville closed starting Monday.

  55. Cay N 3 years ago3 years ago

    How crazy!! I can’t believe all the school closures my kids need to be in school! I’m using WeeCare for childcare right because I think they test the daycares all over CA for kids with fevers and there app shows which schools are healthy. Hopefully they help me find something. I definitely need care but want my kids to be safe!

  56. Tess 3 years ago3 years ago

    Brandeis San Francisco is a private school that is closed from 3/13 through 3/30.

  57. Denise Polt 3 years ago3 years ago

    Great work on keeping these updates on school/district closures! You’re always my favorite resource, and I recommend you to everyone!

  58. Ashley 3 years ago3 years ago

    Antioch Unified School District in Contra Costa County closed 3/16-3/30. Free and reduced meals still available at several schools during the closure.

  59. Natasha 3 years ago3 years ago

    Antioch Unified will be closing 3/16-3/30

  60. Raquel 3 years ago3 years ago

    I’m a little confused as to why Riverside County is now considered to be in a “community spread” phase, but there are no school closures? Meanwhile other counties that have little to no reported cases or the cases are contained have school closures? Can someone please help me understand these decisions?

  61. Peggy Ochoa 3 years ago3 years ago

    Ventura schools closing

  62. Cc 3 years ago3 years ago

    My kids are in SJUSD and I am concerned about them still going to school everyday. San Jose or Santa Clara County has about 66 confirmed cases. How are the schools not closing? This is a serious health issue and I thought gatherings of 250 or more were to be shut down? Schools are considered a gathering to me. The safety of the children’s families should be considered as well. With children going to school … Read More

    My kids are in SJUSD and I am concerned about them still going to school everyday. San Jose or Santa Clara County has about 66 confirmed cases. How are the schools not closing? This is a serious health issue and I thought gatherings of 250 or more were to be shut down? Schools are considered a gathering to me. The safety of the children’s families should be considered as well. With children going to school they could bring the virus home to everyone. The benefits of closing the schools outweigh anything else for the safety of the people until the virus is contained.


    • Joe Johnson 3 years ago3 years ago

      Schools have also banned gatherings over 250. Classrooms are pretty small, maybe 40 students at the most but usually 30, so that’s why they remain open. However, it’s probably just a matter of time before an old teacher gets it and dies.

  63. Kayla Tuitasi 3 years ago3 years ago

    I’m not sure why schools in Long Beach are not closed down? Lafayette in Long Beach is right up the street from Long Beach Memorial Hospital.People have the coronavirus in that hospital. smh

  64. suchi 3 years ago3 years ago

    The reason public schools do not close: 1. School districts have an obligation to provide meals to students who are eligible for free and reduced meal supports. 2. The district must also take into consideration high school course completion timelines required for college admissions. 3. In TK-12 education, the majority of the students we serve are minors, and therefore require … Read More

    The reason public schools do not close:

    1. School districts have an obligation to provide meals to students who are eligible for free and reduced meal supports.
    2. The district must also take into consideration high school course completion timelines required for college admissions.
    3. In TK-12 education, the majority of the students we serve are minors, and therefore require supervision if they are not in school. This will directly impact parent access to employment.

    Meaning, low-income who can not get childcare, food or good healthcare and tests and thus are the most likely to spread this have to have their kids in school for babysitting and feeding purposes and the rest of us get to pay with our lives?


    • AJ 3 years ago3 years ago

      A possible solution should be to make in-person instruction optional. For those families who can easily transition (stay at home parent, etc.) allow them to keep their kids at home. It reduces the number of kids at the school, and keeps both the kids going and the kids staying home safer. But for those of us who are concerned and are able to keep the kiddos home, we can't without accruing unexcused absences and eventually … Read More

      A possible solution should be to make in-person instruction optional. For those families who can easily transition (stay at home parent, etc.) allow them to keep their kids at home. It reduces the number of kids at the school, and keeps both the kids going and the kids staying home safer.

      But for those of us who are concerned and are able to keep the kiddos home, we can’t without accruing unexcused absences and eventually truancy/risk of expulsion. That’s what makes me think this is about the school’s attendance-based funding. They can say today that attendance is optional, and “this is how you access online instruction,” but they’re not equipped for that in some areas, and the district needs/wants the funding to continue. Just my opinion.

  65. Tash 3 years ago3 years ago

    WCCUSD is now closing. I’m surprised MDUSD isn’t closing. It’s part of Contra Costa.

  66. CATALINA MARTINEZ 3 years ago3 years ago

    Natomas Unified is not closed. As of now, the district and the schools are to remain open.

  67. Tina 3 years ago3 years ago

    You should close Grace Yokley Middle School because of this super deadly virus!!!

  68. Eden O'Brien-Brenner 3 years ago3 years ago

    You can add Verde School in West Contra Costa Unified to your list as of an hour ago…

  69. Jennifer 3 years ago3 years ago

    Murrieta Valley was reopened on Wednesday, March 11. The employee in question was found not to have Coronavirus and classes resumed so you can take this off your list.

  70. Denise L Headley 3 years ago3 years ago

    Close all of them for a few weeks. I am a microbiologist. Please you are spreading this to the homes of your students where their elderly grandparents live. Your decision to keep any school open is bad.

  71. Bruce McNaughton 3 years ago3 years ago

    Schools throughout the country should be closed without delay, and students should be told to stay home and not congregate with friends. Schools are one of the major sources of virus spread, whether the children are symptomatic or not! It's not only for the protection of the children, but for the older adults they live with. Parents should at the very least be given the option of keeping children at home. Do … Read More

    Schools throughout the country should be closed without delay, and students should be told to stay home and not congregate with friends. Schools are one of the major sources of virus spread, whether the children are symptomatic or not! It’s not only for the protection of the children, but for the older adults they live with. Parents should at the very least be given the option of keeping children at home. Do it now, while there is still some hope. It may already be too late today, but it certainly will be in one week when there will likely be 15,000 cases in USA or in one month when it will be over a million.

  72. Alizabeth 3 years ago3 years ago

    Why is it mostly private schools? SFUSD has said kids can stay home excused for now, but it would be better if they closed.


    • Laura Deehan 3 years ago3 years ago

      I believe there was an individual with a confirmed case of COVID19 who attended a catholic school in San Francisco, and out of an abundance of caution, the archdiocese closed all schools in the district.

    • Krystal Goldstein 3 years ago3 years ago

      Private schools are financially stable enough to put the closure into effect. Plus, a lot of high profile people have kids that go to these schools.

    • Meg 3 years ago3 years ago

      I was wondering the same thing. Odd.

  73. Scott Mangas 3 years ago3 years ago

    Looking at your list of school closures in California, were most schools only closed for a couple days?


    • Krystal Goldstein 3 years ago3 years ago

      A lot schools shut down briefly to do a “deep clean”.