With more than 3 million votes left to count, backers of the largest school construction bond in California history have not conceded, but Tuesday’s primary election seems to have so far proven unlucky for Proposition 13.  The latest count shows the measure still lagging, with 44.8 percent votes in favor, and 3.2 percent against.

The $15 million state bond measure was on the ballot along with 148 local facilities bonds and district parcel taxes — fewer than half of which appear likely to pass. Was it a tax rebellion, unease over the state of the economy amid coronavirus concerns, or confusion over the more famous Prop. 13 that restricted property taxes four decades ago? We explore these questions.

Also, with coronavirus, or COVID-19, spreading across California and some other states, Orange County Superintendent of Schools Al Mijares discusses the role of county offices of education and the lessons learned from responding to a measles epidemic in 2015 at Disneyland.

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