May 17, 2019
May 17, 2019

How are more than 150 districts in California “beating the odds”?  This week, Linda Darling-Hammond talks about a new study from the Learning Policy Institute that focuses on school districts in California that achieved higher test scores for all or most students than their demographics predicted. A co-author of the study, Darling-Hammond says the most important factor contributing to success in most of those districts was not higher per-student spending or a lower teacher-student ratios, but a workforce of  experienced teachers.

For a list of districts “beating the odds,” check out the LPI report here

We also asked Darling-Hammond, in her first interview with EdSource since being selected as president of the State Board of Education, about what has surprised her in her first few months in the post.

And we discuss the College Board’s announcement this week that it plans to expand its new “Adversity Score” that will take students’ hardships and  challenges into account.

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