More than half a million students live in California’s rural areas. The challenges they face at home often spill over to school: chronic absenteeism, lack of college preparation and college isolation, and limited access to technology. EdSource takes a closer look in its first documentary.

This documentary is part of an EdSource special report on the challenges facing schools and students in California’s rural communities.

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  1. Kate Adams 3 years ago3 years ago

    Thank you for this documentary and its inspiring look at five rural counties and the educators serving students there, in high schools and in community colleges. Inequity issues need to be remediated, yes, but the larger point is that inequity must be avoided altogether through profound structural change.

  2. Bob Jhonsan 3 years ago3 years ago

    I like this documentary, Jennifer. It touched my heart that many students are facing such problems in rural areas of California. Thanks to EdSource to show these challenges that students are facing. I will try to spread this video all over California and Elk Grove Unified as well, to increase awareness. I appreciate the efforts you have put in while making this documentary. Thank you.