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Even as his proposed 2017-18 budget calls for increasing funding for “school choice” programs, President Donald Trump is proposing to cut programs that would result in the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars in federal support to California for early learning programs, K-12 schools, teacher preparation and retention, and college student aid.

If Congress were to agree to this proposal, the cuts would come as part of deep budget reductions Trump is seeking in numerous federal departments and agencies, while massively increasing spending on defense and homeland security. All states would feel the proposed cuts. But because of its size, California receives the largest amount in federal support and therefore would experience the most cuts, affecting the largest number of students.

Consistent with long-standing Republican policy positions to shrink the U.S. Department of Education, Trump is proposing to reduce its budget by 13 percent, or $9 billion, while investing an additional $1.4 billion in “school choice” programs. That would include increased support for charter schools and a new $250 million “school choice” proposal for private schools.

One major program Trump is proposing to eliminate is the $2.4 billion Supporting Effective Instruction Grants program, also known as Title II Part A of the Every Student Succeeds Act. It is intended to improve teacher preparation and recruit and retain high quality teachers.

California currently receives $252 million from this grant fund.  The Trump’s budget described the programs as “poorly targeted and spread thinly across thousands of districts with scant evidence of impact.”

To see how much each California district is currently receiving, go to table at the end of this report. 

If implemented, the cuts would come at a time when California is experiencing severe teacher shortages in many fields. Retaining teachers could go a long way to addressing those shortages, according to estimates by the Learning Policy Institute.

Efforts to address these and related issues through the program “are crucial to improving instruction, turning around schools, and addressing teacher and principal shortages and turnover,” said Learning Policy Institute President Linda Darling-Hammond.

Another program slated for elimination is the $1.2 billion 21st Century Community Learning Centers program, which supports before- and after-school programs as well as summer programs. California currently receives $113 million from the program, which Trump’s budget document describes as “lacking strong evidence of meeting its objectives, such as improved school achievement.”

In terms of higher education, Trump wants to “significantly reduce” the federal work-study program for college students. His budget proposal describes the program as “poorly targeted.” California currently receives $104 million through the program.

He also is pushing to eliminate the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant Program “to reduce complexity in financial student aid.” California currently receives $82 million from that program.

For a list of  federal education funds received by California, go here.

This fiscal year, which ends on Sept. 30, California is expected to receive $4.09 billion dollars in federal support for all elementary and secondary education programs out of the last budget approved by Congress during President Barack Obama’s administration. California receives another $4.3 billion in postsecondary funding, most of which consists of $4.1 billion in Pell Grants for low-income college students.

Altogether, California will receive $8.8 billion in early education, K-12 and higher education funding from the federal government this fiscal year.

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos embraced the budget Trump proposed for her department, including the cuts. “Taxpayers deserve to know their dollars are being spent efficiently and effectively,” she said.

Trump is also proposing “level funding” to continue the $13 billion the federal government currently spends on special education programs as authorized by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Special education advocates have been pushing  for decades for additional federal support because the amount provided by the federal government pays for only a fraction of the total costs incurred by states and school districts in order to satisfy federal mandates. Trump’s proposal to just keep funding at the current level was met with disappointment by the The School Superintendents Association, or AASA, which represents school superintendents nationally.

Trump’s proposal for a $1.4 billion school choice program raises multiple questions. He is calling for increasing the charter school grant program by $168 million from its current level of $333 million, bringing the total amount to just over $500 million. He also wants to start a new $250 million “private school choice program,” but does not provide any details on his plan.

The biggest portion of his school choice plan would come from a $1 billion increase in Title 1 funding, the federal program that currently totals about $15 billion and which goes to schools serving low-income students. The funds would not expand existing Title 1 funds, but would create an entirely new program under Title 1 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Trump wants to designate the $1 billion for programs in which dollars “follow the student” and which would allow the student to attend “the public school of his or her choice.”

Once again, Trump’s proposal is extremely short on details. But it would seem to allow students to attend whatever public school they wish to attend, whether a traditional public school or a charter, even if that school was in another district, and assuming that school was willing to admit them. But in California, both traditional schools and charter schools already receive funds based on a student’s attendance. So it is not clear whether the funds Trump wants to set aside for this purpose would be in addition to the funds a school or district already receives from the state, and whether it would have to be spent specifically on that student, or for programs that generally benefit him or her.

Supporting Effective Instruction Grants to California School Districts, 2016-17

Local Educational AgencyCounty Name2016-17 Revised Allocation
Alameda County Office of EducationAlameda$5,355
Alameda UnifiedAlameda$281,468
Albany City UnifiedAlameda$50,347
Berkeley UnifiedAlameda$320,711
Castro Valley UnifiedAlameda$124,147
Emery UnifiedAlameda$28,392
Fremont UnifiedAlameda$543,815
Hayward UnifiedAlameda$781,318
Livermore Valley Joint UnifiedAlameda$265,578
Mountain House ElementaryAlameda$841
Newark UnifiedAlameda$156,542
New Haven UnifiedAlameda$301,224
Oakland UnifiedAlameda$3,527,126
Piedmont City UnifiedAlameda$30,380
San Leandro UnifiedAlameda$169,265
San Lorenzo UnifiedAlameda$293,790
Dublin UnifiedAlameda$87,410
Pleasanton UnifiedAlameda$155,394
Sunol Glen UnifiedAlameda$2,372
Alpine County Office of EducationAlpine$0
Alpine County UnifiedAlpine$10,900
Amador County Office of EducationAmador$0
Amador County UnifiedAmador$138,340
Butte County Office of EducationButte$5,283
Bangor Union ElementaryButte$10,924
Biggs UnifiedButte$32,572
Chico UnifiedButte$565,121
Durham UnifiedButte$43,318
Feather Falls Union ElementaryButte$2,417
Golden Feather Union ElementaryButte$19,564
Manzanita ElementaryButte$9,766
Oroville City ElementaryButte$181,259
Oroville Union HighButte$89,620
Palermo Union ElementaryButte$67,684
Paradise UnifiedButte$226,647
Thermalito UnionButte$173,135
Pioneer Union ElementaryButte$13,776
Gridley UnifiedButte$116,807
Calaveras County Office of EducationCalaveras$3,495
Bret Harte Union HighCalaveras$23,997
Calaveras UnifiedCalaveras$133,416
Mark Twain Union ElementaryCalaveras$28,441
Vallecito UnionCalaveras$49,554
Colusa County Office of EducationColusa$0
Colusa UnifiedColusa$79,596
Maxwell UnifiedColusa$18,425
Pierce Joint UnifiedColusa$40,404
Williams UnifiedColusa$40,702
Contra Costa County Office of EducationContra Costa$4,858
Acalanes Union HighContra Costa$74,335
Antioch UnifiedContra Costa$464,279
Brentwood Union ElementaryContra Costa$96,404
Byron Union ElementaryContra Costa$17,154
Canyon ElementaryContra Costa$0
John Swett UnifiedContra Costa$66,558
Knightsen ElementaryContra Costa$7,084
Lafayette ElementaryContra Costa$60,635
Liberty Union HighContra Costa$65,825
Martinez UnifiedContra Costa$100,243
Moraga ElementaryContra Costa$28,870
Mt. Diablo UnifiedContra Costa$911,357
Oakley Union ElementaryContra Costa$79,257
Orinda Union ElementaryContra Costa$30,233
Pittsburg UnifiedContra Costa$366,800
West Contra Costa UnifiedContra Costa$1,525,867
San Ramon Valley UnifiedContra Costa$278,445
Walnut Creek ElementaryContra Costa$57,299
Del Norte County Office of EducationDel Norte$1,944
Del Norte County UnifiedDel Norte$244,480
El Dorado County Office of EducationEl Dorado$4,287
Buckeye Union ElementaryEl Dorado$66,278
Camino Union ElementaryEl Dorado$12,432
El Dorado Union HighEl Dorado$120,696
Gold Oak Union ElementaryEl Dorado$26,362
Gold Trail Union ElementaryEl Dorado$10,424
Indian Diggings ElementaryEl Dorado$723
Lake Tahoe UnifiedEl Dorado$183,684
LatrobeEl Dorado$3,634
Mother Lode Union ElementaryEl Dorado$59,267
Pioneer Union ElementaryEl Dorado$22,431
Placerville Union ElementaryEl Dorado$58,852
Pollock Pines ElementaryEl Dorado$34,058
Rescue Union ElementaryEl Dorado$63,334
Silver Fork ElementaryEl Dorado$552
Black Oak Mine UnifiedEl Dorado$72,160
Fresno County Office of EducationFresno$9,051
Alvina ElementaryFresno$10,579
Big Creek ElementaryFresno$3,567
Burrel Union ElementaryFresno$15,759
Clay Joint ElementaryFresno$6,539
Clovis UnifiedFresno$800,293
Coalinga-Huron UnifiedFresno$241,648
Fowler UnifiedFresno$79,594
Fresno UnifiedFresno$5,171,914
Kingsburg Elementary CharterFresno$83,487
Kingsburg Joint Union HighFresno$34,115
Kings Canyon Joint UnifiedFresno$472,447
Laton Joint UnifiedFresno$61,468
Monroe ElementaryFresno$13,455
Orange CenterFresno$31,969
Pacific Union ElementaryFresno$32,296
Parlier UnifiedFresno$207,835
Pine Ridge ElementaryFresno$4,059
Raisin City ElementaryFresno$26,346
Sanger UnifiedFresno$379,265
Selma UnifiedFresno$300,192
Washington Colony ElementaryFresno$19,305
West Park ElementaryFresno$15,507
Westside ElementaryFresno$16,195
Firebaugh-Las Deltas UnifiedFresno$133,967
Central UnifiedFresno$308,668
Kerman UnifiedFresno$176,064
Mendota UnifiedFresno$165,016
Golden Plains UnifiedFresno$135,296
Sierra UnifiedFresno$65,626
Riverdale Joint UnifiedFresno$57,703
Caruthers UnifiedFresno$62,308
Washington UnifiedFresno$148,357
Glenn County Office of EducationGlenn$1,451
Capay Joint Union ElementaryGlenn$4,385
Lake ElementaryGlenn$4,129
Plaza ElementaryGlenn$4,359
Princeton Joint UnifiedGlenn$14,715
Stony Creek Joint UnifiedGlenn$6,901
Willows UnifiedGlenn$108,480
Orland Joint UnifiedGlenn$99,409
Hamilton UnifiedGlenn$31,975
Humboldt County Office of EducationHumboldt$2,550
Arcata ElementaryHumboldt$58,876
Northern Humboldt Union HighHumboldt$45,846
Big Lagoon Union ElementaryHumboldt$5,597
Blue Lake Union ElementaryHumboldt$8,837
Bridgeville ElementaryHumboldt$6,100
Cuddeback Union ElementaryHumboldt$5,211
Cutten ElementaryHumboldt$17,080
Fieldbrook ElementaryHumboldt$6,237
Fortuna Union HighHumboldt$28,785
Freshwater ElementaryHumboldt$9,483
Garfield ElementaryHumboldt$2,324
Green Point ElementaryHumboldt$1,913
Hydesville ElementaryHumboldt$3,375
Jacoby Creek ElementaryHumboldt$8,891
Klamath-Trinity Joint UnifiedHumboldt$91,755
Kneeland ElementaryHumboldt$3,087
Loleta Union ElementaryHumboldt$8,248
Maple Creek ElementaryHumboldt$444
McKinleyville Union ElementaryHumboldt$74,123
Orick ElementaryHumboldt$6,391
Pacific Union ElementaryHumboldt$27,680
Peninsula UnionHumboldt$5,215
Rio Dell ElementaryHumboldt$26,412
Scotia Union ElementaryHumboldt$6,238
South Bay Union ElementaryHumboldt$28,712
Southern Humboldt Joint UnifiedHumboldt$91,104
Trinidad Union ElementaryHumboldt$12,321
Ferndale UnifiedHumboldt$14,218
Mattole UnifiedHumboldt$11,823
Eureka City SchoolsHumboldt$260,569
Fortuna ElementaryHumboldt$47,299
Imperial County Office of EducationImperial$3,788
Brawley ElementaryImperial$262,567
Brawley Union HighImperial$84,807
Calexico UnifiedImperial$502,332
Calipatria UnifiedImperial$83,394
Central Union HighImperial$142,879
El Centro ElementaryImperial$390,337
Heber ElementaryImperial$38,555
Holtville UnifiedImperial$99,217
Imperial UnifiedImperial$76,786
Magnolia Union ElementaryImperial$3,197
McCabe Union ElementaryImperial$9,304
Meadows Union ElementaryImperial$22,171
Mulberry ElementaryImperial$2,417
San Pasqual Valley UnifiedImperial$65,876
Seeley Union ElementaryImperial$26,080
Westmorland Union ElementaryImperial$23,633
Inyo County Office of EducationInyo$0
Big Pine UnifiedInyo$12,049
Death Valley UnifiedInyo$3,638
Lone Pine UnifiedInyo$13,707
Owens Valley UnifiedInyo$3,794
Round Valley Joint ElementaryInyo$4,975
Bishop UnifiedInyo$73,518
Kern County Office of EducationKern$15,824
Arvin UnionKern$149,791
Bakersfield CityKern$1,966,382
Beardsley ElementaryKern$117,079
Belridge ElementaryKern$1,835
Blake ElementaryKern$326
Panama-Buena Vista UnionKern$367,303
Buttonwillow Union ElementaryKern$17,020
Caliente Union ElementaryKern$3,854
Delano Union ElementaryKern$380,162
Delano Joint Union HighKern$151,144
Di Giorgio ElementaryKern$8,483
Edison ElementaryKern$34,735
Elk Hills ElementaryKern$3,423
Fairfax ElementaryKern$80,382
Fruitvale ElementaryKern$44,364
General Shafter ElementaryKern$6,465
Greenfield UnionKern$294,792
Kern HighKern$982,556
Kernville Union ElementaryKern$66,924
Lakeside UnionKern$19,380
Lamont ElementaryKern$145,122
Richland Union ElementaryKern$138,765
Linns Valley-Poso Flat UnionKern$1,938
Lost Hills Union ElementaryKern$22,027
Maple ElementaryKern$7,415
Maricopa UnifiedKern$11,002
McKittrick ElementaryKern$0
Midway ElementaryKern$3,921
Mojave UnifiedKern$111,290
Muroc Joint UnifiedKern$61,257
Norris ElementaryKern$24,787
Pond Union ElementaryKern$15,254
Rosedale Union ElementaryKern$59,788
Semitropic ElementaryKern$11,135
Southern Kern UnifiedKern$111,075
South Fork UnionKern$22,348
Standard ElementaryKern$126,196
Taft CityKern$99,800
Taft Union HighKern$0
Tehachapi UnifiedKern$140,080
Vineland ElementaryKern$51,265
Wasco Union ElementaryKern$180,862
Wasco Union HighKern$67,145
Rio Bravo-Greeley Union ElementaryKern$18,199
Sierra Sands UnifiedKern$176,054
McFarland UnifiedKern$158,471
El Tejon UnifiedKern$34,535
Kings County Office of EducationKings$2,443
Armona Union ElementaryKings$42,833
Central Union ElementaryKings$69,632
Corcoran Joint UnifiedKings$220,738
Hanford ElementaryKings$290,247
Hanford Joint Union HighKings$106,615
Island Union ElementaryKings$36,580
Kings River-Hardwick Union ElementaryKings$10,993
Kit Carson Union ElementaryKings$15,892
Lakeside Union ElementaryKings$50,389
Lemoore Union ElementaryKings$136,156
Lemoore Union HighKings$55,423
Pioneer Union ElementaryKings$26,175
Reef-Sunset UnifiedKings$160,197
Lake County Office of EducationLake$487
Kelseyville UnifiedLake$93,947
Konocti UnifiedLake$205,016
Lakeport UnifiedLake$76,472
Lucerne ElementaryLake$19,249
Middletown UnifiedLake$43,322
Upper Lake UnifiedLake$46,506
Lassen County Office of EducationLassen$587
Big Valley Joint UnifiedLassen$14,470
Janesville Union ElementaryLassen$12,013
Johnstonville ElementaryLassen$10,940
Lassen Union HighLassen$27,850
Ravendale-Termo ElementaryLassen$1,085
Richmond ElementaryLassen$4,333
Shaffer Union ElementaryLassen$16,353
Susanville ElementaryLassen$75,439
Westwood UnifiedLassen$23,792
Fort Sage UnifiedLassen$7,665
Los Angeles County Office of EducationLos Angeles$86,213
ABC UnifiedLos Angeles$612,115
Antelope Valley Union HighLos Angeles$431,885
Arcadia UnifiedLos Angeles$195,879
Azusa UnifiedLos Angeles$466,904
Baldwin Park UnifiedLos Angeles$728,030
Bassett UnifiedLos Angeles$241,644
Bellflower UnifiedLos Angeles$401,068
Beverly Hills UnifiedLos Angeles$105,550
Bonita UnifiedLos Angeles$217,056
Burbank UnifiedLos Angeles$421,497
Castaic UnionLos Angeles$50,352
Centinela Valley Union HighLos Angeles$246,932
Charter Oak UnifiedLos Angeles$150,201
Claremont UnifiedLos Angeles$118,967
Covina-Valley UnifiedLos Angeles$371,571
Culver City UnifiedLos Angeles$144,433
Downey UnifiedLos Angeles$583,757
Duarte UnifiedLos Angeles$161,610
Eastside Union ElementaryLos Angeles$84,244
East Whittier City ElementaryLos Angeles$214,635
El Monte CityLos Angeles$697,439
El Monte Union HighLos Angeles$464,967
El Rancho UnifiedLos Angeles$417,339
El Segundo UnifiedLos Angeles$41,509
Garvey ElementaryLos Angeles$524,743
Glendale UnifiedLos Angeles$1,435,893
Glendora UnifiedLos Angeles$157,497
Gorman ElementaryLos Angeles$2,010
HawthorneLos Angeles$409,075
Hermosa Beach City ElementaryLos Angeles$35,535
Hughes-Elizabeth Lakes Union ElementaryLos Angeles$16,430
Inglewood UnifiedLos Angeles$975,220
Keppel Union ElementaryLos Angeles$120,342
La Canada UnifiedLos Angeles$74,816
Lancaster ElementaryLos Angeles$538,433
Las Virgenes UnifiedLos Angeles$187,256
Lawndale ElementaryLos Angeles$235,816
LennoxLos Angeles$343,142
Little Lake City ElementaryLos Angeles$154,727
Long Beach UnifiedLos Angeles$4,379,384
Los Angeles UnifiedLos Angeles$41,308,971
Los NietosLos Angeles$89,141
Lowell JointLos Angeles$78,546
Lynwood UnifiedLos Angeles$931,662
Monrovia UnifiedLos Angeles$270,838
Montebello UnifiedLos Angeles$1,891,199
Mountain View ElementaryLos Angeles$698,223
NewhallLos Angeles$109,410
Norwalk-La Mirada UnifiedLos Angeles$619,817
Palmdale ElementaryLos Angeles$578,589
Palos Verdes Peninsula UnifiedLos Angeles$169,878
Paramount UnifiedLos Angeles$756,186
Pasadena UnifiedLos Angeles$1,245,251
Pomona UnifiedLos Angeles$1,599,702
Rosemead ElementaryLos Angeles$191,119
San Marino UnifiedLos Angeles$61,553
Santa Monica-Malibu UnifiedLos Angeles$330,022
Saugus UnionLos Angeles$110,889
South Pasadena UnifiedLos Angeles$75,558
South Whittier ElementaryLos Angeles$189,502
Sulphur Springs UnionLos Angeles$92,387
Temple City UnifiedLos Angeles$109,489
Torrance UnifiedLos Angeles$495,385
Valle Lindo ElementaryLos Angeles$38,032
West Covina UnifiedLos Angeles$254,319
Westside Union ElementaryLos Angeles$132,511
Whittier City ElementaryLos Angeles$284,310
Whittier Union HighLos Angeles$272,240
William S. Hart Union HighLos Angeles$237,546
Wilsona ElementaryLos Angeles$45,727
Compton UnifiedLos Angeles$2,406,589
Hacienda la Puente UnifiedLos Angeles$699,511
Rowland UnifiedLos Angeles$615,870
Walnut Valley UnifiedLos Angeles$222,937
San Gabriel UnifiedLos Angeles$242,199
Acton-Agua Dulce UnifiedLos Angeles$49,320
Manhattan Beach UnifiedLos Angeles$80,627
Redondo Beach UnifiedLos Angeles$172,712
Alhambra UnifiedLos Angeles$1,065,387
Wiseburn UnifiedLos Angeles$31,447
Madera County Office of EducationMadera$4,670
Alview-Dairyland Union ElementaryMadera$14,768
Bass Lake Joint Union ElementaryMadera$41,794
Chowchilla ElementaryMadera$83,204
Chowchilla Union HighMadera$27,161
Madera UnifiedMadera$898,658
Raymond-Knowles Union ElementaryMadera$9,537
Golden Valley UnifiedMadera$27,370
Chawanakee UnifiedMadera$31,699
Yosemite UnifiedMadera$44,147
Marin County Office of EducationMarin$5,093
Bolinas-Stinson UnionMarin$6,287
Dixie ElementaryMarin$34,352
Kentfield ElementaryMarin$0
Laguna Joint ElementaryMarin$1,025
Lagunitas ElementaryMarin$5,096
Larkspur-Corte MaderaMarin$17,214
Lincoln ElementaryMarin$592
Mill Valley ElementaryMarin$43,132
Novato UnifiedMarin$182,510
Reed Union ElementaryMarin$25,403
Ross ElementaryMarin$8,307
San Rafael City ElementaryMarin$105,432
San Rafael City HighMarin$55,970
Sausalito Marin CityMarin$22,063
Tamalpais Union HighMarin$88,673
Union Joint ElementaryMarin$482
Shoreline UnifiedMarin$23,601
Ross Valley ElementaryMarin$70,887
Mariposa County Office of EducationMariposa$305
Mariposa County UnifiedMariposa$101,633
Mendocino County Office of EducationMendocino$2,585
Anderson Valley UnifiedMendocino$20,622
Arena Union ElementaryMendocino$17,730
Fort Bragg UnifiedMendocino$79,620
Manchester Union ElementaryMendocino$5,440
Mendocino UnifiedMendocino$43,998
Point Arena Joint Union HighMendocino$5,729
Round Valley UnifiedMendocino$36,182
Ukiah UnifiedMendocino$308,062
Willits UnifiedMendocino$122,523
Potter Valley Community UnifiedMendocino$19,861
Laytonville UnifiedMendocino$25,983
Leggett Valley UnifiedMendocino$9,252
Merced County Office of EducationMerced$8,160
Atwater ElementaryMerced$203,178
Ballico-Cressey ElementaryMerced$17,312
El Nido ElementaryMerced$14,320
Hilmar UnifiedMerced$87,255
Le Grand Union ElementaryMerced$18,197
Le Grand Union HighMerced$23,805
Livingston UnionMerced$133,200
Los Banos UnifiedMerced$250,640
McSwain Union ElementaryMerced$26,360
Merced City ElementaryMerced$923,060
Merced Union HighMerced$365,320
Plainsburg Union ElementaryMerced$5,324
Planada ElementaryMerced$90,860
Snelling-Merced Falls Union ElementaryMerced$6,343
Weaver UnionMerced$98,905
Gustine UnifiedMerced$59,851
Merced River Union ElementaryMerced$6,491
Dos Palos Oro Loma Joint UnifiedMerced$154,220
Delhi UnifiedMerced$82,057
Modoc County Office of EducationModoc$640
Surprise Valley Joint UnifiedModoc$13,317
Modoc Joint UnifiedModoc$42,862
Tulelake Basin Joint UnifiedModoc$49,065
Mono County Office of EducationMono$351
Eastern Sierra UnifiedMono$32,575
Mammoth UnifiedMono$23,507
Monterey County Office of EducationMonterey$6,117
Alisal UnionMonterey$390,165
Bradley Union ElementaryMonterey$5,926
Carmel UnifiedMonterey$54,391
Chualar UnionMonterey$20,759
Graves ElementaryMonterey$966
Greenfield Union ElementaryMonterey$100,465
King City UnionMonterey$75,018
South Monterey County Joint Union HighMonterey$53,234
Lagunita ElementaryMonterey$5,212
Mission Union ElementaryMonterey$2,901
Monterey Peninsula UnifiedMonterey$462,343
Pacific Grove UnifiedMonterey$52,711
Salinas City ElementaryMonterey$411,909
Salinas Union HighMonterey$464,148
San Antonio Union ElementaryMonterey$4,666
San Ardo Union ElementaryMonterey$18,988
San Lucas Union ElementaryMonterey$16,314
Santa Rita Union ElementaryMonterey$72,217
Spreckels Union ElementaryMonterey$14,541
Washington Union ElementaryMonterey$11,817
North Monterey County UnifiedMonterey$203,920
Big Sur UnifiedMonterey$1,492
Soledad UnifiedMonterey$119,045
Gonzales UnifiedMonterey$113,709
Napa County Office of EducationNapa$0
Calistoga Joint UnifiedNapa$33,702
Howell Mountain ElementaryNapa$9,513
Napa Valley UnifiedNapa$442,675
Pope Valley Union ElementaryNapa$3,174
Saint Helena UnifiedNapa$42,357
Nevada County Office of EducationNevada$3,435
Chicago Park ElementaryNevada$6,181
Clear Creek ElementaryNevada$11,853
Grass Valley ElementaryNevada$100,016
Nevada City ElementaryNevada$47,235
Nevada Joint Union HighNevada$86,303
Pleasant Ridge Union ElementaryNevada$65,919
Union Hill ElementaryNevada$16,760
Twin Ridges ElementaryNevada$32,282
Penn Valley Union ElementaryNevada$28,551
Orange County Department of EducationOrange$45,936
Anaheim CityOrange$865,398
Anaheim Union HighOrange$924,696
Brea-Olinda UnifiedOrange$103,746
Buena Park ElementaryOrange$227,354
Capistrano UnifiedOrange$821,267
Centralia ElementaryOrange$147,565
Cypress ElementaryOrange$125,715
Fountain Valley ElementaryOrange$125,927
Fullerton ElementaryOrange$439,762
Fullerton Joint Union HighOrange$325,818
Garden Grove UnifiedOrange$1,962,810
Huntington Beach City ElementaryOrange$153,046
Huntington Beach Union HighOrange$347,437
Laguna Beach UnifiedOrange$62,588
La Habra City ElementaryOrange$207,594
Magnolia ElementaryOrange$265,883
Newport-Mesa UnifiedOrange$592,734
Ocean ViewOrange$292,126
Orange UnifiedOrange$874,121
Placentia-Yorba Linda UnifiedOrange$614,501
Santa Ana UnifiedOrange$2,699,531
Savanna ElementaryOrange$81,290
Saddleback Valley UnifiedOrange$531,058
Tustin UnifiedOrange$374,547
Irvine UnifiedOrange$392,394
Los Alamitos UnifiedOrange$126,733
Placer County Office of EducationPlacer$5,736
Ackerman CharterPlacer$13,755
Alta-Dutch Flat Union ElementaryPlacer$7,498
Auburn Union ElementaryPlacer$94,526
Colfax ElementaryPlacer$20,881
Dry Creek Joint ElementaryPlacer$74,843
Eureka UnionPlacer$56,811
Foresthill Union ElementaryPlacer$28,115
Loomis Union ElementaryPlacer$46,175
Newcastle ElementaryPlacer$9,383
Placer Hills Union ElementaryPlacer$41,696
Placer Union HighPlacer$84,961
Roseville City ElementaryPlacer$192,336
Roseville Joint Union HighPlacer$117,179
Tahoe-Truckee UnifiedPlacer$112,532
Western Placer UnifiedPlacer$87,252
Rocklin UnifiedPlacer$129,713
Plumas County Office of EducationPlumas$455
Plumas UnifiedPlumas$125,397
Riverside County Office of EducationRiverside$17,099
Alvord UnifiedRiverside$672,052
Banning UnifiedRiverside$309,637
Beaumont UnifiedRiverside$214,153
Corona-Norco UnifiedRiverside$934,594
Desert Center UnifiedRiverside$5,560
Desert Sands UnifiedRiverside$919,797
Hemet UnifiedRiverside$668,625
Jurupa UnifiedRiverside$642,849
Menifee Union ElementaryRiverside$92,811
Moreno Valley UnifiedRiverside$1,096,226
Nuview UnionRiverside$45,729
Palm Springs UnifiedRiverside$907,231
Palo Verde UnifiedRiverside$273,936
Perris ElementaryRiverside$284,965
Perris Union HighRiverside$260,365
Riverside UnifiedRiverside$1,493,645
Romoland ElementaryRiverside$67,395
San Jacinto UnifiedRiverside$268,426
Coachella Valley UnifiedRiverside$861,553
Lake Elsinore UnifiedRiverside$452,372
Temecula Valley UnifiedRiverside$303,587
Murrieta Valley UnifiedRiverside$228,461
Val Verde UnifiedRiverside$368,217
Sacramento County Office of EducationSacramento$6,539
Arcohe Union ElementarySacramento$18,045
Elk Grove UnifiedSacramento$1,324,419
Elverta Joint ElementarySacramento$7,794
Folsom-Cordova UnifiedSacramento$478,123
Galt Joint Union ElementarySacramento$104,049
Galt Joint Union HighSacramento$46,163
River Delta Joint UnifiedSacramento$77,229
Robla ElementarySacramento$103,529
Sacramento City UnifiedSacramento$3,445,927
San Juan UnifiedSacramento$1,595,951
Center Joint UnifiedSacramento$116,904
Natomas UnifiedSacramento$127,416
Twin Rivers UnifiedSacramento$1,718,695
San Benito County Office of EducationSan Benito$595
Bitterwater-Tully ElementarySan Benito$1,003
Cienega Union ElementarySan Benito$0
HollisterSan Benito$216,249
Jefferson ElementarySan Benito$599
North County Joint Union ElementarySan Benito$16,347
Panoche ElementarySan Benito$615
San Benito HighSan Benito$61,747
Southside ElementarySan Benito$5,803
Tres Pinos Union ElementarySan Benito$2,864
Willow Grove Union ElementarySan Benito$1,047
Aromas/San Juan UnifiedSan Benito$39,491
San Bernardino County Office of EducationSan Bernardino$17,353
Adelanto ElementarySan Bernardino$208,270
Alta Loma ElementarySan Bernardino$152,422
Barstow UnifiedSan Bernardino$328,375
Bear Valley UnifiedSan Bernardino$128,787
Central ElementarySan Bernardino$115,633
Chaffey Joint Union HighSan Bernardino$502,651
Chino Valley UnifiedSan Bernardino$706,955
Colton Joint UnifiedSan Bernardino$857,269
Cucamonga ElementarySan Bernardino$88,780
Etiwanda ElementarySan Bernardino$111,836
Fontana UnifiedSan Bernardino$1,285,124
Helendale ElementarySan Bernardino$17,536
Morongo UnifiedSan Bernardino$491,194
Mountain View ElementarySan Bernardino$67,159
Mt. Baldy Joint ElementarySan Bernardino$2,843
Needles UnifiedSan Bernardino$87,168
Ontario-MontclairSan Bernardino$1,340,439
Oro Grande ElementarySan Bernardino$9,547
Redlands UnifiedSan Bernardino$704,365
Rialto UnifiedSan Bernardino$1,028,800
Rim of the World UnifiedSan Bernardino$139,187
San Bernardino City UnifiedSan Bernardino$3,301,371
Trona Joint UnifiedSan Bernardino$34,881
Victor ElementarySan Bernardino$401,517
Victor Valley Union HighSan Bernardino$295,586
Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint UnifiedSan Bernardino$193,288
Baker Valley UnifiedSan Bernardino$9,451
Silver Valley UnifiedSan Bernardino$105,869
Snowline Joint UnifiedSan Bernardino$211,319
Hesperia UnifiedSan Bernardino$583,247
Lucerne Valley UnifiedSan Bernardino$71,372
Upland UnifiedSan Bernardino$356,213
Apple Valley UnifiedSan Bernardino$459,706
San Diego County Office of EducationSan Diego$21,117
Alpine Union ElementarySan Diego$71,131
Borrego Springs UnifiedSan Diego$19,667
Cajon Valley UnionSan Diego$752,776
Cardiff ElementarySan Diego$29,610
Chula Vista ElementarySan Diego$746,727
Coronado UnifiedSan Diego$48,341
Dehesa ElementarySan Diego$3,469
Del Mar Union ElementarySan Diego$29,768
Encinitas Union ElementarySan Diego$148,452
Escondido UnionSan Diego$678,114
Escondido Union HighSan Diego$217,068
Fallbrook Union ElementarySan Diego$191,792
Fallbrook Union HighSan Diego$59,383
Grossmont Union HighSan Diego$444,047
Jamul-Dulzura Union ElementarySan Diego$17,164
Julian Union ElementarySan Diego$22,839
Julian Union HighSan Diego$7,401
Lakeside Union ElementarySan Diego$146,829
La Mesa-Spring ValleySan Diego$491,058
Lemon GroveSan Diego$160,373
Mountain Empire UnifiedSan Diego$80,962
National ElementarySan Diego$438,422
Poway UnifiedSan Diego$493,519
Ramona City UnifiedSan Diego$169,283
Rancho Santa Fe ElementarySan Diego$0
San Diego UnifiedSan Diego$6,668,066
San Dieguito Union HighSan Diego$175,678
San Pasqual Union ElementarySan Diego$9,266
SanteeSan Diego$171,920
San Ysidro ElementarySan Diego$311,331
Solana Beach ElementarySan Diego$54,236
South Bay UnionSan Diego$494,887
Spencer Valley ElementarySan Diego$2,462
Sweetwater Union HighSan Diego$1,230,650
Vallecitos ElementarySan Diego$11,842
Vista UnifiedSan Diego$781,571
Carlsbad UnifiedSan Diego$222,671
Oceanside UnifiedSan Diego$739,356
San Marcos UnifiedSan Diego$363,920
Warner UnifiedSan Diego$6,881
Valley Center-Pauma UnifiedSan Diego$141,976
Bonsall UnifiedSan Diego$42,721
San Francisco County Office of EducationSan Francisco$0
San Francisco UnifiedSan Francisco$2,975,586
San Joaquin County Office of EducationSan Joaquin$11,953
Banta ElementarySan Joaquin$8,859
Escalon UnifiedSan Joaquin$92,117
Jefferson ElementarySan Joaquin$22,335
Lincoln UnifiedSan Joaquin$342,233
Linden UnifiedSan Joaquin$65,196
Lodi UnifiedSan Joaquin$1,160,360
Manteca UnifiedSan Joaquin$522,112
New Hope ElementarySan Joaquin$12,490
New Jerusalem ElementarySan Joaquin$5,784
Oak View Union ElementarySan Joaquin$17,265
Ripon UnifiedSan Joaquin$59,412
Stockton UnifiedSan Joaquin$2,455,602
Tracy Joint UnifiedSan Joaquin$302,961
Lammersville Joint UnifiedSan Joaquin$12,876
San Luis Obispo County Office of EducationSan Luis Obispo$15,040
Atascadero UnifiedSan Luis Obispo$168,319
Cayucos ElementarySan Luis Obispo$8,268
Lucia Mar UnifiedSan Luis Obispo$420,802
Pleasant Valley Joint Union ElementarySan Luis Obispo$5,401
San Luis Coastal UnifiedSan Luis Obispo$228,332
San Miguel Joint UnionSan Luis Obispo$19,074
Shandon Joint UnifiedSan Luis Obispo$13,835
Templeton UnifiedSan Luis Obispo$52,142
Paso Robles Joint UnifiedSan Luis Obispo$222,051
Coast UnifiedSan Luis Obispo$18,746
San Mateo County Office of EducationSan Mateo$4,040
Bayshore ElementarySan Mateo$15,407
Belmont-Redwood Shores ElementarySan Mateo$57,920
Brisbane ElementarySan Mateo$15,138
Burlingame ElementarySan Mateo$50,471
Cabrillo UnifiedSan Mateo$60,676
Hillsborough City ElementarySan Mateo$23,439
Jefferson ElementarySan Mateo$198,080
Jefferson Union HighSan Mateo$107,610
PacificaSan Mateo$82,359
La Honda-Pescadero UnifiedSan Mateo$10,646
Las Lomitas ElementarySan Mateo$17,492
Menlo Park City ElementarySan Mateo$34,863
Millbrae ElementarySan Mateo$50,842
Portola Valley ElementarySan Mateo$0
Ravenswood City ElementarySan Mateo$244,791
Redwood City ElementarySan Mateo$320,385
San Bruno Park ElementarySan Mateo$64,223
San Carlos ElementarySan Mateo$35,753
San Mateo-Foster CitySan Mateo$243,637
San Mateo Union HighSan Mateo$149,610
Sequoia Union HighSan Mateo$204,194
South San Francisco UnifiedSan Mateo$235,871
Woodside ElementarySan Mateo$5,368
Santa Barbara County Office of EducationSanta Barbara$5,235
Ballard ElementarySanta Barbara$3,902
Blochman Union ElementarySanta Barbara$4,302
Santa Maria-BonitaSanta Barbara$616,473
Buellton Union ElementarySanta Barbara$29,042
Carpinteria UnifiedSanta Barbara$52,580
Cold Spring ElementarySanta Barbara$4,266
College ElementarySanta Barbara$15,202
Goleta Union ElementarySanta Barbara$128,161
Guadalupe Union ElementarySanta Barbara$85,534
Hope ElementarySanta Barbara$24,202
Lompoc UnifiedSanta Barbara$520,870
Los Olivos ElementarySanta Barbara$9,443
Montecito Union ElementarySanta Barbara$17,240
Orcutt Union ElementarySanta Barbara$92,628
Santa Maria Joint Union HighSanta Barbara$230,909
Santa Ynez Valley Union HighSanta Barbara$22,308
Solvang ElementarySanta Barbara$17,737
Vista del Mar UnionSanta Barbara$2,833
Cuyama Joint UnifiedSanta Barbara$10,590
Santa Barbara UnifiedSanta Barbara$515,381
Santa Clara County Office of EducationSanta Clara$14,051
Alum Rock Union ElementarySanta Clara$789,897
Berryessa Union ElementarySanta Clara$222,664
CambrianSanta Clara$66,610
Campbell UnionSanta Clara$251,667
Campbell Union HighSanta Clara$121,806
Cupertino UnionSanta Clara$272,747
East Side Union HighSanta Clara$725,937
Evergreen ElementarySanta Clara$312,372
Franklin-McKinley ElementarySanta Clara$549,173
Fremont Union HighSanta Clara$158,972
Gilroy UnifiedSanta Clara$369,742
Lakeside JointSanta Clara$6,921
Loma Prieta Joint Union ElementarySanta Clara$13,094
Los Altos ElementarySanta Clara$54,772
Los Gatos Union ElementarySanta Clara$42,785
Los Gatos-Saratoga Joint Union HighSanta Clara$33,519
Luther BurbankSanta Clara$17,278
MorelandSanta Clara$128,790
Morgan Hill UnifiedSanta Clara$197,101
Mountain View WhismanSanta Clara$143,410
Mountain View-Los Altos Union HighSanta Clara$64,120
Mount Pleasant ElementarySanta Clara$82,471
Oak Grove ElementarySanta Clara$370,259
Orchard ElementarySanta Clara$19,210
Palo Alto UnifiedSanta Clara$165,925
San Jose UnifiedSanta Clara$1,038,890
Santa Clara UnifiedSanta Clara$311,003
Saratoga Union ElementarySanta Clara$32,873
SunnyvaleSanta Clara$143,316
Union ElementarySanta Clara$91,816
Milpitas UnifiedSanta Clara$204,488
Santa Cruz County Office of EducationSanta Cruz$4,314
Bonny Doon Union ElementarySanta Cruz$7,581
Happy Valley ElementarySanta Cruz$13,481
Live Oak ElementarySanta Cruz$80,718
Mountain ElementarySanta Cruz$5,857
Pacific ElementarySanta Cruz$8,130
Pajaro Valley UnifiedSanta Cruz$811,091
San Lorenzo Valley UnifiedSanta Cruz$97,055
Santa Cruz City ElementarySanta Cruz$134,417
Santa Cruz City HighSanta Cruz$164,741
Soquel Union ElementarySanta Cruz$97,763
Scotts Valley UnifiedSanta Cruz$54,485
Shasta County Office of EducationShasta$3,217
Anderson Union HighShasta$64,282
Bella Vista ElementaryShasta$17,688
Black Butte Union ElementaryShasta$22,433
Cascade Union ElementaryShasta$129,099
Castle Rock Union ElementaryShasta$2,802
Columbia ElementaryShasta$16,828
Cottonwood Union ElementaryShasta$63,492
Enterprise ElementaryShasta$225,649
Fall River Joint UnifiedShasta$53,239
French Gulch-Whiskeytown ElementaryShasta$3,298
Grant ElementaryShasta$8,773
Happy Valley Union ElementaryShasta$36,730
Igo, Ono, Platina Union ElementaryShasta$10,486
Indian Springs ElementaryShasta$2,222
Junction ElementaryShasta$10,365
Millville ElementaryShasta$9,590
North Cow Creek ElementaryShasta$6,121
Oak Run ElementaryShasta$2,781
Pacheco Union ElementaryShasta$30,216
Redding ElementaryShasta$213,694
Shasta Union ElementaryShasta$13,527
Shasta Union HighShasta$152,837
Whitmore Union ElementaryShasta$4,644
Mountain Union ElementaryShasta$7,801
Gateway UnifiedShasta$218,203
Sierra County Office of EducationSierra$0
Sierra-Plumas Joint UnifiedSierra$27,299
Siskiyou County Office of EducationSiskiyou$776
Big Springs Union ElementarySiskiyou$6,299
Bogus ElementarySiskiyou$1,334
Butteville Union ElementarySiskiyou$3,385
Delphic ElementarySiskiyou$1,094
Dunsmuir ElementarySiskiyou$24,006
Dunsmuir Joint Union HighSiskiyou$5,205
Forks of Salmon ElementarySiskiyou$3,402
Gazelle Union ElementarySiskiyou$2,326
Grenada ElementarySiskiyou$3,956
Happy Camp Union ElementarySiskiyou$13,623
Hornbrook ElementarySiskiyou$3,078
Junction ElementarySiskiyou$1,738
Klamath River Union ElementarySiskiyou$2,277
Little Shasta ElementarySiskiyou$2,114
McCloud Union ElementarySiskiyou$13,514
Montague ElementarySiskiyou$19,768
Mt. Shasta Union ElementarySiskiyou$34,724
Seiad ElementarySiskiyou$1,863
Siskiyou Union HighSiskiyou$25,861
Weed Union ElementarySiskiyou$37,075
Willow Creek ElementarySiskiyou$2,061
Yreka Union ElementarySiskiyou$40,500
Yreka Union HighSiskiyou$26,349
Butte Valley UnifiedSiskiyou$30,354
Scott Valley UnifiedSiskiyou$47,581
Solano County Office of EducationSolano$3,197
Benicia UnifiedSolano$137,431
Dixon UnifiedSolano$98,655
Fairfield-Suisun UnifiedSolano$661,224
Travis UnifiedSolano$77,639
Vacaville UnifiedSolano$415,668
Vallejo City UnifiedSolano$761,846
Sonoma County Office of EducationSonoma$5,500
Alexander Valley Union ElementarySonoma$2,965
West Sonoma County Union HighSonoma$42,359
Bellevue Union ElementarySonoma$79,166
Bennett Valley Union ElementarySonoma$23,269
Cinnabar ElementarySonoma$5,762
Cloverdale UnifiedSonoma$56,662
Dunham ElementarySonoma$2,579
Forestville Union ElementarySonoma$27,539
Fort Ross ElementarySonoma$1,537
Geyserville UnifiedSonoma$13,124
Gravenstein Union ElementarySonoma$6,905
Guerneville ElementarySonoma$29,744
Harmony Union ElementarySonoma$16,068
Horicon ElementarySonoma$1,617
Liberty ElementarySonoma$3,452
Mark West Union ElementarySonoma$24,992
Monte Rio Union ElementarySonoma$6,951
Montgomery ElementarySonoma$2,411
Oak Grove Union ElementarySonoma$22,315
Old Adobe UnionSonoma$52,732
Petaluma City ElementarySonoma$56,975
Petaluma Joint Union HighSonoma$77,344
Piner-Olivet Union ElementarySonoma$28,684
Kashia ElementarySonoma$646
Rincon Valley Union ElementarySonoma$94,648
Santa Rosa ElementarySonoma$249,060
Santa Rosa HighSonoma$308,203
Sebastopol Union ElementarySonoma$32,160
Sonoma Valley UnifiedSonoma$126,467
Twin Hills Union ElementarySonoma$16,087
Two Rock UnionSonoma$6,356
Waugh ElementarySonoma$11,269
West Side Union ElementarySonoma$4,585
Wilmar Union ElementarySonoma$8,727
Wright ElementarySonoma$28,789
Cotati-Rohnert Park UnifiedSonoma$211,813
Windsor UnifiedSonoma$85,279
Healdsburg UnifiedSonoma$101,388
Stanislaus County Office of EducationStanislaus$7,453
Ceres UnifiedStanislaus$392,235
Chatom UnionStanislaus$35,810
Denair UnifiedStanislaus$47,666
Empire Union ElementaryStanislaus$182,171
Gratton ElementaryStanislaus$5,346
Hart-Ransom Union ElementaryStanislaus$18,144
Hickman Community CharterStanislaus$15,414
Keyes UnionStanislaus$38,859
Knights Ferry ElementaryStanislaus$4,626
Modesto City ElementaryStanislaus$1,101,922
Modesto City HighStanislaus$469,777
Paradise ElementaryStanislaus$6,994
Patterson Joint UnifiedStanislaus$187,000
Roberts Ferry Union ElementaryStanislaus$5,225
Salida Union ElementaryStanislaus$67,718
Shiloh ElementaryStanislaus$5,564
Stanislaus Union ElementaryStanislaus$180,683
Sylvan Union ElementaryStanislaus$210,664
Valley Home Joint ElementaryStanislaus$14,525
Newman-Crows Landing UnifiedStanislaus$91,165
Hughson UnifiedStanislaus$78,208
Riverbank UnifiedStanislaus$99,049
Oakdale Joint UnifiedStanislaus$145,737
Waterford UnifiedStanislaus$64,232
Turlock UnifiedStanislaus$454,266
Sutter County Office of EducationSutter$2,279
Brittan ElementarySutter$19,988
Browns ElementarySutter$2,414
East Nicolaus Joint Union HighSutter$4,158
Franklin ElementarySutter$17,848
Live Oak UnifiedSutter$100,303
Marcum-Illinois Union ElementarySutter$9,038
Meridian ElementarySutter$5,086
Nuestro ElementarySutter$2,688
Pleasant Grove Joint UnionSutter$9,433
Sutter Union HighSutter$12,699
Yuba City UnifiedSutter$466,112
Tehama County Office of EducationTehama$870
Antelope ElementaryTehama$41,169
Corning Union ElementaryTehama$80,336
Corning Union HighTehama$32,136
Elkins ElementaryTehama$2,213
Evergreen UnionTehama$38,414
Flournoy Union ElementaryTehama$4,773
Gerber Union ElementaryTehama$25,686
Kirkwood ElementaryTehama$1,274
Lassen View Union ElementaryTehama$21,766
Los Molinos UnifiedTehama$32,044
Red Bluff Union ElementaryTehama$132,897
Red Bluff Joint Union HighTehama$74,585
Reeds Creek ElementaryTehama$7,419
Richfield ElementaryTehama$12,931
Trinity County Office of EducationTrinity$179
Burnt Ranch ElementaryTrinity$3,743
Coffee Creek ElementaryTrinity$1,437
Douglas City ElementaryTrinity$7,370
Junction City ElementaryTrinity$4,707
Lewiston ElementaryTrinity$7,846
Trinity Center ElementaryTrinity$963
Southern Trinity Joint UnifiedTrinity$9,151
Mountain Valley UnifiedTrinity$46,432
Trinity Alps UnifiedTrinity$26,457
Tulare County Office of EducationTulare$9,387
Allensworth ElementaryTulare$5,628
Alpaugh UnifiedTulare$18,345
Alta Vista ElementaryTulare$44,966
Buena Vista ElementaryTulare$8,004
Burton ElementaryTulare$113,882
Columbine ElementaryTulare$5,443
Cutler-Orosi Joint UnifiedTulare$252,166
Ducor Union ElementaryTulare$16,003
Earlimart ElementaryTulare$171,734
Hope ElementaryTulare$4,117
Hot Springs ElementaryTulare$1,781
Kings River Union ElementaryTulare$67,435
Liberty ElementaryTulare$5,724
Lindsay UnifiedTulare$192,930
Monson-Sultana Joint Union ElementaryTulare$28,569
Oak Valley Union ElementaryTulare$20,382
Outside Creek ElementaryTulare$4,075
Palo Verde Union ElementaryTulare$22,863
Pixley Union ElementaryTulare$59,773
Pleasant View ElementaryTulare$30,136
Richgrove ElementaryTulare$41,395
Rockford ElementaryTulare$18,915
Saucelito ElementaryTulare$3,771
Sequoia Union ElementaryTulare$11,799
Springville Union ElementaryTulare$9,084
Stone Corral ElementaryTulare$21,585
Strathmore Union ElementaryTulare$57,115
Sundale Union ElementaryTulare$32,167
Sunnyside Union ElementaryTulare$39,299
Terra Bella Union ElementaryTulare$64,479
Three Rivers Union ElementaryTulare$11,709
Tipton ElementaryTulare$30,858
Traver Joint ElementaryTulare$20,318
Tulare CityTulare$471,375
Tulare Joint Union HighTulare$176,594
Visalia UnifiedTulare$1,226,267
Waukena Joint Union ElementaryTulare$6,445
Woodville Union ElementaryTulare$61,184
Farmersville UnifiedTulare$185,472
Porterville UnifiedTulare$715,763
Dinuba UnifiedTulare$260,876
Woodlake UnifiedTulare$122,212
Exeter UnifiedTulare$134,984
Tuolumne County Superintendent of SchoolsTuolumne$553
Belleview ElementaryTuolumne$11,469
Columbia UnionTuolumne$29,087
Curtis Creek ElementaryTuolumne$45,620
Jamestown ElementaryTuolumne$16,075
Sonora ElementaryTuolumne$52,527
Sonora Union HighTuolumne$29,966
Soulsbyville ElementaryTuolumne$23,732
Summerville ElementaryTuolumne$29,060
Summerville Union HighTuolumne$15,811
Twain HarteTuolumne$27,217
Big Oak Flat-Groveland UnifiedTuolumne$22,789
Ventura County Office of EducationVentura$5,651
Briggs ElementaryVentura$8,378
Fillmore UnifiedVentura$159,908
Hueneme ElementaryVentura$368,084
Mesa Union ElementaryVentura$6,698
Mupu ElementaryVentura$3,901
Ocean ViewVentura$116,142
Ojai UnifiedVentura$138,009
Oxnard Union HighVentura$400,285
Pleasant ValleyVentura$160,616
Rio ElementaryVentura$125,233
Santa Clara ElementaryVentura$595
Simi Valley UnifiedVentura$348,261
Somis UnionVentura$10,328
Ventura UnifiedVentura$518,140
Conejo Valley UnifiedVentura$403,937
Oak Park UnifiedVentura$37,986
Moorpark UnifiedVentura$168,983
Santa Paula UnifiedVentura$282,610
Yolo County Office of EducationYolo$1,554
Davis Joint UnifiedYolo$183,929
Esparto UnifiedYolo$37,812
Washington UnifiedYolo$376,760
Winters Joint UnifiedYolo$83,498
Woodland Joint UnifiedYolo$350,348
Yuba County Office of EducationYuba$4,208
Camptonville ElementaryYuba$9,072
Marysville Joint UnifiedYuba$687,818
Plumas Lake ElementaryYuba$4,300
Wheatland Union HighYuba$10,943

California Department of Education

President Trump is proposing to eliminate the $2.4 billion Supporting Effective Instruction Grants program, also known as Title II Part A of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. It is intended to improve teacher preparation and recruit and retain high quality teachers.  The database covering most school districts in the state shows how much each district are slated to receive during the current (2016-17) year — and approximately how much they would lose should Congress go along with Trump’s proposal.

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  1. Nancy LaCasse 6 years ago6 years ago

    The federal commitment to children with disabilities is abysmal! The 2015-16 local education agency (LEA) special education expenditure data just released indicates the federal special education funding contribution to California declining to just 9.19%, while the state funds 29.01% of the cost, resulting in LEAs having to backfill the funding shortfall using Local Control Funding Formula base funding. That’s 61.80% of the cost – or a whopping $8.1 billion statewide! Shameful!