The federal stimulus bill includes $14 billion in aid to higher education including $1.7 billion to California colleges and universities to help the institutions and students cope with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Schools are required to spend at least half of their total allocation on emergency grants to students and other costs related to students.  Enrollment-adjusted total aid allows comparison of how much colleges are slated to receive based on their size.  The number does not reflect how much each student will receive. Whether students receive direct cash grants depends on the college and its process for students to apply for assistance. Contact your college for more information.

School City State CA Public System Type Total aid Enrollment-adjusted total aid Minimum student share Enrollment CAflag

* Enrollment-adjusted total aid is calculated by dividing the total aid by the school’s 2017-18 enrollment according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

n/a: Not applicable

Note: Some private colleges with large endowments have said they won’t take the stimulus funds.  See this related EdSource article for more about how stimulus funds will be distributed to California colleges.

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