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News Update

University of California lecturers plan to strike, alleging unfair labor practices

Lecturers at the University of California plan to strike this week over what they call unfair labor practices by the university.

UC-AFT, the union that represents more than 6,000 part-time lecturers across the system’s 10 undergraduate and one graduate campuses,  announced its plan to strike Wednesday and Thursday. The union has filed seven charges within the past two years with California’s Public Employment Relations Board and most recently has alleged that UC management has refused to bargain over paid family leave and time to allow for bonding with a new child.

UC’s central office of the president did not immediately return a request for comment Monday.

Mia McIver, the president of UC-AFT, said in a statement that UC management has issued “unlawful take-it-or-leave-it ultimatums that deprive us of our basic rights” and has negotiated in bad faith.

“It’s these kinds of unfair labor practices that demonstrate a lack of respect for teaching faculty and for the students who depend on us. UC lecturers have had enough, and that’s why we have called this strike to protect our collective bargaining rights,” McIver added.