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Special Report

A broken system of university transfer

Imagine having a plan to go to a California community college where you can save money by taking two years of general education courses, with plans to transfer to a university where you can dig into your major. But what if it took you four years or longer just to transfer? And what if you took more courses than you needed largely because no one could clearly tell you what courses you need? By then, you probably used all of your state aid with nothing to get you through to a bachelor’s degree. Those scenarios are faced by many California students.

While systems officials, lawmakers and student advocates have long agreed that change is needed, the system remains broken. This, at a time when California’s economy needs many more college graduates. This series will explain the problem and lay out possible solutions to improving community college transfer. Join us, as we take you from the community colleges to Cal State and UC campuses where there are glimpses of change. And even outside of California to see how the state can improve.