This week Executive Director Louis Freedberg and Editor-at-Large John Fensterwald explore how a new state agency is addressing the state’s teacher shortage by pitching teaching to the next generation of potential educators and helping them navigate their way to the classroom. They speak with Donna Glassman-Sommer, the executive director of the California Center on Teaching Careers, which running new ads promoting teaching. They discuss:

  • How much does salary matter?
  • What’s a persuasive message to college students and others?
  • Is it a hard case to make?

John and Louis also discuss the news of the week:

Despite sharp criticisms by the U.S. Department of Education, the State Board of Education is sticking with its plan for complying with a federal law requiring states to improve low-performing schools. John explains what the disagreement is about.

In a shocking case of physical abuse, a couple from Perris with state authority to run a private school in their home faces charges of mistreating and imprisoning their 13 children for more than a decade. Louis discusses the lack of state regulations of homeschooling and actions the Legislature may take in response.

Produced by Sarah Tan