January 29, 2021

Arguably the most contentious issue of the pandemic is no longer over wearing masks but whether or how children can return to school for in-person instruction.

And there is growing urgency. At stake is whether more children will return to school sometime during the current school year. As we show in this week’s podcast, there are no easy answers.

Everyone wants children back in school, but the issue is whether it is safe to do so. A growing number of parents — including those who have signed on to a new organization Open Schools California — think it is, and cite evidence to back them up. However, many other parents, as well as teachers, are convinced that it isn’t safe.

Hear from two leaders in Open Schools California: Megan Bacigalupi, an Oakland Unified parent, and Ernesto Falcon from nearby West Contra Costa Unified. For a contrary perspective, we talk with 3rd grade teacher Marissa Glidden, president of the United Teachers of Richmond. And then let us know what you think by sending comments to edsource@edsource.org

For background on these issues, check out the following: