October 9, 2020

Parents are frustrated with distance learning, and are worried about students’ learning loss, but they and other voters give Gov. Gavin Newsom high marks overall on managing Covid-19. Those are some of  the highlights from a survey that EdSource released this week on  how Californians view schools’ and their leaders’ responses to the pandemic. We discuss these and other interesting findings and their implications.

Also, Berkeley author and illustrator Aubrey Hirsch expresses her own exasperation with distance learning for her two young sons in “The Hell that is remote learning, explained in a comic,” a weeklong diary that Vox published. She reads excerpts and talks about the response she received from readers and friends.

And, on a hopeful note, Genzel Tolentino, a 3rd grade teacher at Rocketship Fuerza Community Prep, a charter school in East San Jose, shares strategies he’s using and his favorite app to keep students engaged while online.

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