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As we celebrate our 40th year, EdSource is proud to be hailed as a leading nonprofit source for independent, comprehensive education information, analysis and data.

Parents, practitioners and policymakers trust EdSource to synthesize complex education issues and provide them with accurate, actionable information to make school reform work throughout California—and the nation. We strive to engage everyone who has a stake in our schools and our students by highlighting successes, documenting problems and shining a spotlight on key education challenges and solutions.

We bring the big education debates into focus with our popular annual symposium, which convenes experts and leaders from across California and the US. And through our Ed-Data partnership, we make it easy to access and understand detailed data about California’s schools.

We’ve built the biggest education newsroom in the state and staffed it with experts on policy and school finance, student health and school climate, early childhood education and college readiness.

Over the past four decades, EdSource has evolved in response to the changing education and communication landscape, growing from a provider of in-depth reports for schools and districts to a dynamic multimedia resource engaging diverse stakeholders in debates about education policy and practice.

Throughout, EdSource is guided by the belief that every child has the right to a high-quality education—and that an informed public is key to enhancing student success.

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