Recording this week from the national seminar of the Education Writers Association in Los Angeles, Louis Freedberg and John Fensterwald discuss diversity in education and school discipline, two themes of the conference. Louis speaks with USC Rossier School of Education Professor Darline Robles on strategies to increase the numbers of African-American and Hispanic teachers.
He also interviews EdSource reporter David Washburn about his series on restorative justice as an alternative to student suspensions and more punitive forms of discipline. Louis and John share updates on California’s race for governor and state superintendent of public instruction.

For background

EdSource’s special report, Full Circle: California Schools Work to Transform Discipline

Despite progress, California’s teaching force far from reflecting diversity of students

What does California’s superintendent of public instruction do? A quick guide

And join us this Wednesday, May 23rd 9:30 am PST for a live conversation with Tony Thurmond and Marshall Tuck the front-runners for State Superintendent of Public Instruction. John and Louis will ask about their positions on critical issues and their visions for California’s public schools.