May 29, 2020

With Gov. Gavin Newsom’s guidance for reopening schools in the wings, superintendents are laboring to figure out how schools can adapt to a new regimen with masks, social distancing, temperature checks and hybrid schedules of school one day, distance learning the next.

This week, we speak with Alex Cherniss, superintendent of Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified. He crafted a letter, signed by 10 other superintendents in Los Angeles County, questioning the wisdom of coronavirus precautions that may make it impractical and prohibitively expensive to open and stay open this fall.

We discuss how California’s system of local control meshes with physicians’ guidance for health and safety restrictions for a pandemic that knows no local boundaries.

We also speak with Heather Hough, executive director of PACE, who makes the case that the wide variations in the quality of distance learning among districts during school closures show why the state must take a stronger role in setting performance expectations.

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