Transforming education in a post-pandemic world: the next phase of distance learning

Anaheim Union High School District instituted an ambitious program of distance learning during school closure. Now it’s planning for the next phase this fall. In this webinar, Superintendent Michael Matsuda and Jaron Fried, assistant superintendent for education services, talked about:

  • How districts need to become nimble in a radically changed world.
  • How Covid-19 (and now the Black Lives Matter protests) are a teachable moment that can better prepare students for jobs and careers.
  • What skills teachers (and admins) need to up their game in distance learning.
  • How the district’s new distance learning school will prepare students for a post-pandemic world by valuing teachers’ ideas and instructional capacity and developing students’ relational and emotional intelligence.

Click here to view the slide presentation for this webinar.


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Michael Matsuda

Superintendent, Anaheim Union High School District

Michael Matsuda is a nationally recognized 21st century educational leader. He has been honored as one of the 12 national “Leaders to Learn From” from Education Week Magazine, the “Visionary Education Leadership Award” from Cal State  Fullerton, and the California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE) 2017 Administrator of the Year.

Jaron Fried

Assistant Superintendent, Education Services, Anaheim Union High School District

Jaron Fried is assistant superintendent, educational services. He has also served as an assistant superintendent of human resources, principal, assistant principal, and teacher.

John Fensterwald

Moderator; Editor-At-Large, EdSource

John Fensterwald joined EdSource in 2012. Before joining EdSource he was editor and co-writer for the “The Educated Guess” website, a leading source of California education policy reporting and opinion, sponsored by the Silicon Valley Education Foundation, which he founded in 2009. For 11 years before that, John wrote editorials for the Mercury News in San Jose, with a focus on education.

He worked as a reporter, news editor and opinion editor for three newspapers in New Hampshire for two decades before receiving a Knight Fellowship at Stanford University in 1997 and heading West shortly thereafter.