January 22, 2021

President Joe Biden wasted no time: Inaugurated at noon Wednesday, by the end of the day he had, among other things, extended a moratorium on student loan repayment and affirmed the existence of the DACA program, and by Thursday, he had issued a sweeping plan for reopening schools during the pandemic.  He called on Congress to approve $130 billion for K-12 and $35 billion for higher ed in immediate Covid relief.

This week, we turn to two nationally known education leaders, Linda Darling-Hammond and Ted Mitchell, to give their views on President Biden’s immediate and post-pandemic priorities for schools and colleges and the potential impact for California. Darling-Hammond, president of the Learning Policy Institute, is also president of the California State Board of Education.  She headed up President-elect education  transition team.  Mitchell, who was  undersecretary of education during the Obama administration as well as a former president of the State Board of Education, is president of the American Council on Education.

For background on these issues, check out the following: