January 6, 2022

In this episode we visit Davenport, California, a little seaside town, south of San Francisco, not far from Santa Cruz. The town is home to a tiny district with just one school, nestled between ocean, farmland, and mountains. John Fensterwald is taking us there for lunch, cooked from scratch by the fifth and sixth graders.

Pacific Elementary’s unique Food Lab program is a boon for the district, boosting its enrollment by attracting students from nearby wealthier districts.


  • Emelia Miguel, Food Service Director, Pacific Elementary School
  • Quinn Schromm, Moses O’Riordan, Shyon Johnson, Logan Franks, and other Student Chefs, Pacific Elementary School
  • Eric Gross, Principal, Pacific Elementary School
  • Doña Bumgarner, Parent and Librarian, Pacific Elementary School
  • John Fensterwald, Editor-at-large, EdSource

Read the EdSource article and watch the video: