October 4, 2019

With a stoked LeBron James at his side, Gov. Gavin Newsom freed college athletes to make money from their labor and issued the challenge heard round the sports world this week by signing the Fair Pay to Play Act. Unanimously passed by the Legislature, the new law will give college athletes the right to cash in on endorsements and other actions prohibited by the NCAA’s rules defining amateur athletes.

We review the bill, which all of California’s private and public colleges opposed, with its author, Sen. Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley, and explore potential ramifications – whether the NCAA will reform its policies or instead crack down on California schools to bring them in line.

Newsom signed another notable bill we discuss, a contentious, hard-negotiated compromise that will bring big changes to the state’s charter school law. In an excerpt from the signing ceremony, Newsom praises lawmakers and the chief antagonists, the California Charter Schools Association and the California Teachers Association, for their cooperation.

EdSource reporter Ashley Smith gives an update on Calbright College, the CSU’s new online college that opened its virtual doors with hundreds of Californians enrolling in its three initial classes.

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