May 25, 2023

At El Cerrito High School, in West Contra Costa Unified, students produce and host their own radio shows. Some DJ their own music shows, while others host talk radio programs, with topics ranging from political affairs to chess to dating advice. There’s even an old-time radio drama, based on original scripts from the 1950s.

What does it take to produce high school radio? And what are students getting out of it?


  • Ace Lackey, Senior, El Cerrito High School
  • Xavier Ramos, Senior, El Cerrito High School
  • Jeanne Marie Acceturo, Radio teacher, El Cerrito High School
  • Ali Tadayon, Reporter, EdSource

With clips from radio shows, including “Confused Chess,” “Insert Title Here,” “Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar,” “Togomexsalvi,” and “EC Talk Show.”

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