This week Executive Director Louis Freedberg and Editor at Large John discuss Gov. Jerry Brown’s remarks on education during his 16th and final State of the State speech – and how to view his long-term impact on K-12 schools. Among the topics they cover:

  • Will the increase in funding during Brown’s two terms as governor help close the achievement gap, and is the new funding level adequate?
  • How will public colleges and universities respond to Brown’s challenge to broaden their mission beyond traditional college-age population – especially his plan for the development of a new online-only community college?

Louis and higher education reporter Larry Gordon also discuss why the UC Regents decided to back off a 3 percent increase in tuition and fees — a price hike Brown opposed. On the horizon, the California State University trustees are meeting next week to review a 3.5 percent rise in tuition, though a vote isn’t scheduled until at least March.

Produced by Sarah Tan