This week Executive Director Louis Freedberg and Editor-at-Large John Fensterwald offer predictions for 2018.

The questions they cover include:

What will teachers unions do if, as expected, the Supreme Court rules workers don’t have to pay fees to the public employee unions that represent them? Based on what’s happened in other states, a third or more members of the California Teachers Association could choose to stop paying fees.

Will Congress and President Trump grant permanent protections to recipients of DACA – Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals – before President Trump’s March deadline for action?

How will California resolve the U.S. Department of Education’s criticisms of its plan for improving the lowest performing schools under the Every Student Succeeds Act?

Will the Legislature resolve the perennial battle over lengthening the two-year probation for teachers, or will this become a contentious election-year issue?

And lastly what impact will the state’s new legalization of recreational marijuana will have on Californa’s teenagers?

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Produced by Sarah Tan