April 30, 2021

Like a Category 4 hurricane, Covid-19 has undermined the state’s newly built California School Dashboard and system of state and county support for schools deemed to need help for poor performance. It could be a few years before the system is fully back up and running.

Meanwhile, school districts and charter schools are getting tens of billions of dollars in state and federal Covid relief to spend. Advocates for low-income students are thrilled about the prospects for post-pandemic help for students but also worry a once-in-a-generation opportunity will be missed if money isn’t spent effectively.

This week, we explore these issues with:

  • Heather Hough, executive director of the nonprofit research organization Policy Analysis for California Education or PACE;
  • John Affeldt, managing attorney and education equity director for the public interest law firm, Public Advocates;
  • Sara Noguchi, superintendent of the 30,000-student K-12 district,  Modesto City Schools.

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