EdSource Podcasts

Episode 99: Low-income students strive for college access; what’s next for Oakland Unified; community colleges lag in reaching goals

March 22, 2019

Tina Kim of the nonprofit College Track shares low-income kids’ views of rich parents’ tactics to get kids into prestigious colleges (they know what they’re up against). Alameda County Schools Supt. L. Karen Monroe discusses what’s ahead for Oakland Unified, and a look at California Community Colleges’ slow start to transfer more students to CSU and UC.

Episode 93: Another California teacher strike nears

February 8, 2019

Oakland Unified could be the second district in California this year to go through the wrenching experience of a teachers’ strike. In this week’s podcast, Louis talks with EdSource reporter Theresa Harrington about the overwhelming vote by teachers to authorize a strike — and when it could happen.

We also talk with EdSource’s Larry Gordon about the big push at the California State University to improve graduation rates and how far many campuses have to go to reach their goals.