December 18, 2020

This week, we hold a roundtable discussion with EdSource reporters Larry Gordon, Betty Márquez Rosales and with Rose Ciotta, the editor overseeing two ongoing projects on the impact of Covid-19 on California education. EdSource published the latest installments for both this week.

“Education During Covid: California Families Struggle To Learn,” tracks how Covid-19 has affected a cross section of 16 families with children in pre-K through high school.

“College and Covid: Freshman Year Disrupted” — the focus of the podcast — takes a deep look into how the pandemic has disrupted the freshman year in college and interrupted some students’ plans to enroll. Márquez profiles three students working full time to shore up their families’ lost income. Gordon explains what the CSU is doing to keep students from dropping out. Ciotta outlines future plans for the project.

For background on these issues, check out the following:

College And Covid: Freshman Year Disrupted

Education During Covid: California Families Struggle To Learn