DECIDES (Developing Ethical Civic Actors in Divided Societies): A study of civic development in Northern Ireland, South Africa and the United States.

PI and Project Director: Sarah... Learn More

A variety of reforms ñ along with novel school organizations ñ have sprouted within the L.A. Unified School District over the past two decades.

Severely overcrowded schools in the 1990s... Learn More

Children and students have a great deal of experience with patterns of behavior and control, such as balancing, randomness, tipping point, pumping (as pumping a swing), resonance (singing in a... Learn More

Bruce Fuller's work at Harvard and Berkeley over the past two decades has examined the benefits of various child care and preschool settings on children's early development and learning. A... Learn More

This research project applies the learning progression perspective to the teaching of evolution, positing a learning progression for the conceptual underpinning of evolution for 2nd & 3rd... Learn More