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News Update

Vast majority of parents support federal child care programs, survey shows

Amid the federal budget debate, roughly 90% of parents with small children view family issues as a top priority, one report finds. Conducted by the advocacy group Zero to Three, the survey also showed great concern over possible cuts to child care, education, and housing programs. Almost two-thirds of parents reported struggling to find affordable high-quality child care. 

Notably, there is a consensus among parents who voted Democrat in 2022 (94%) and those who voted Republican (90%) that Congress should prioritize the needs of children in the upcoming federal budget. Other key findings include that 82% of parents are worried about cuts to special education and 83% are concerned about cuts to food assistance. Many parents also expect the lack of such critical resources to affect their jobs and financial stability.

“When it comes to programs supporting children and families, we’re seeing strong support across the partisan divide,” said Miriam Calderón, chief policy officer of Zero to Three. “At a time when some in Congress want to make deep cuts, Democratic and Republican voters are in broad agreement that Congress must address the debt ceiling without trading away critical supports that their constituents look to.”