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News Update

Student who was booed by adults in Clovis returns to school board

A student who was booed and heckled by adults at a Clovis Unified school board meeting after speaking in favor of a mask mandate returned to the school board to speak again this week.

This time, school board President Steven Fogg warned the audience not to repeat their actions from the previous meeting, according to the Fresno Bee.

“It’s inappropriate for you to be speaking while someone else is speaking, be it a member on the dais or a person giving public comments,” Fogg said. “In the unlikely event that there is a disruption, we do have officers that will escort you out. But I’m asking you not to do that. Let’s hear each other, and we can come to an understanding.”

The student received applause this time after speaking, even though many in the crowd disagreed with his comments.

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