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News Update

SFUSD takes broader look at changing school calendar, puts Muslim holidays on hold

The San Francisco Unified school board voted Tuesday night to suspend a plan to add two Muslim holidays to the school calendar until staff can study how to best recognize the cultural holidays of all students and recommend changes to the academic calendar.

In August, the board voted to add Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha as school holidays, but that decision faced backlash, including the threat of a lawsuit by an attorney who argued that the initial resolution violated the Brown Act. The resolution also faced criticism from Jewish parents who noted that the district doesn’t recognize any Jewish holidays.

The holidays would have been recognized beginning next school year.

“Tolerance, inclusiveness, and respect for all people, cultures, and religious and spiritual beliefs are fundamental values championed by the San Franciscan community at all levels,” said Superintendent Matt Wayne. “The resolution will set in motion a process in place to ensure that we are living up to our values and including SFUSD’s diverse students and families.”

The recommendations are expected to be presented to the board no later than Jan. 31 so that they can be included in the 2023-24 school calendar.