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News Update

School for the Deaf in Riverside celebrates undefeated football season

After seven straight losing seasons, the School for the Deaf, Riverside, is two games away from winning its division football championship for the first time in school history, according to the New York Times.

Coached by physical education teacher Keith Adams, the team won its league title and is now headed to the third round of the Southern California playoffs for small schools. On Friday, the Cubs defeated the Desert Christian Knights 84-12. The team uses sign language and hand signals to call plays and communicate.

The California Department of Education operates two schools for deaf and hard-of-hearing students, in Fremont and Riverside. Both schools offer preschool through 12th grade, with dorms for students who don’t live locally.

Trevin Adams, the Cubs’ quarterback, attributed the Riverside team’s success to a winning chemistry among players.

“We can express ourselves completely,” Trevin told the New York Times. “We can be leaders. We can be assertive.”