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S.F. Unified may bring back algebra in eighth grade

S.F. Unified may bring back algebra in eighth grade

The San Francisco Unified School District is considering returning algebra instruction to eighth grade classrooms after years of fierce debate with parents over math instruction, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

A vocal group of parents has argued that the district’s decision to delay teaching Algebra 1 until high school hobbles children who are ready to take the math course in middle school. But some experts and district leaders have argued that pushing back algebra can level the playing field for kids who are struggling in math, the newspaper reported. Parents sued over the matter earlier this year.

Superintendent Matt Wayne told the Chronicle in an interview that the district will be looking closely at math instruction and course sequencing in the months ahead. A progress report to the board is expected on May 23.

“We’ll share some thoughts about where we need to go with math,” he said. “We have work to do around math.”