News Update

Protesters force stop to UC Berkeley construction of student housing at People’s Park

Protesters cut through a fence and overran construction on the site of People’s Park on Wednesday, forcing UC Berkeley to halt work on a student-housing project, the news site  Berkeleyside reported.

Brandon Mendoza, an activist with a group called Defend People’s Park who has been protesting at the location since early Wednesday, said activists are prepared to occupy the park for as long as it takes to end UC Berkeley development on the site.

University officials announced they were pausing work on the long-awaited project that would provide housing to 1,100 students. It was not immediately clear Thursday morning when work would resume.

The site of numerous protests against the Vietnam War in the 1960s, the park, which the university owns, is considered historic by protesters.

UC Berkeley spokesperson Dan Mogulof told Berkeleyside that the university would prioritize safety with all ongoing construction.