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Prosecutors claim two Stanford rape allegations were false, charge employee with perjury

Months after Stanford students protested and marched for more security and protection after a 25-year-old university employee said she was twice raped on campus, prosecutors are alleging she fabricated the claims and have charged her with perjury, The Associated Press reported.

Jennifer Ann Gries, of Santa Clara, allegedly first reported a false sexual attack in August when she told a nurse at Valley Medical Center in San Jose that a man grabbed her while she was at a campus parking lot, dragged her to a restroom and sexually assaulted her, the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s office said. She allegedly made a similar claim at Stanford Hospital in October.

The rape reports led Stanford police to issue campuswide electronic alerts, which prompted widespread fear and a protest in October by hundreds of students who marched to demand university officials offer more protection.

Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen called the alleged false rape reports “a rare and deeply destructive crime” and said he felt for those who are falsely accused, for the students who had to look over their shoulders and for the ”legitimate sexual assault victims who wonder if they will be believed,” AP reported.

Gries was charged with two felony counts of perjury and two misdemeanor counts of making false crime reports to nurses at the two hospitals, prosecutors said. The nurses were mandatory reporters who called the police. Gries later allegedly admitted the claims were false.

In a statement, Stanford said Gries was placed on a leave of absence and the university “will be reviewing her employment.” Stanford’s website identifies her as a Housing Service Center supervisor.

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