News Update

Nine out of 10 Los Angeles voters support more public funding for child care, preschool, poll shows

Nine out of 10 Los Angeles voters support increased public funding for child care and preschool, according to a new poll released Friday by the LA Partnership for Early Childhood Investment. Access to child care for working families ranked alongside racism and injustice as the most serious issues facing the county, the poll found. Other key issues include housing, homelessness and crime.

“This poll is proof that LA County voters get it,” said Parker Blackman, executive director of the LA Partnership. “They understand that investing in early care for infants and toddlers leads to healthy growth and development. They understand that investing in early education providers and the workforce improves quality and their impact. And they want our elected leaders to put more money into these essential programs.” 

Equity is a key concern, and 94% of those polled say child care workers should be paid a living wage with benefits, while 85% believe access to early childhood education prevents later problems in life.

This poll of 801 likely voters, people who voted in the 2020 general election, was conducted in  December by Social Quest, a Los Angeles-based public opinion research firm.