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News Update

Murrietta Valley Unified rejects textbook over ‘critical race theory’

Murrietta Valley Unified’s board voted last week to reject a textbook because board members said it’s biased against former President Donald Trump and contains elements of “critical race theory,” the Riverside Press-Enterprise reported.

The board voted 3-2 to reject “Give Me Liberty! An American History” by Eric Foner, which was slated to be used in 11th grade Advanced Placement history classes.

Those opposed to the textbook specifically objected to passages about Trump’s election, attacks on women and people of color and use of social media to stoke hatred.

“A mass exodus of children are being removed from school districts nationwide because of these studies,” Lucky Harutunian, a Riverside County resident, told the board before its vote, according to the Press-Enterprise. “Please get rid of this garbage and the curriculum books. They’re garbage and part of this CRT thing.”

The textbook had been approved by a team of teachers, librarians and district staff, as well as the state Department of Education and the College Board, district spokesperson Monica Gutierrez said. The class will continue using the previous textbook until a replacement can be found.