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Mother alleges black child called “a slave” at Orange County school

An Orange County school district is investigating allegations that an elementary school student allegedly called a Black classmate a “slave,” NBC Los Angeles reported.

Jasmine Harris, the mother of the child to whom the comment was allegedly made, told the station that a classmate of her 10-year-old daughter called her a “slave” last week at Santiago Elementary School in Santa Ana.

“Randomly the little boy had came up to her — swinging a jump rope, trying to hit her with a jump rope, telling her, ‘get back to work you slave,”’ Harris told the station. The race of the other child involved in the incident was not immediately clear.

Harris has pulled her daughter from the school and told the station she considers the incident a hate crime.

Santa Ana Unified School District officials said in a statement that they have “initiated a formal independent investigation” of the alleged incident.

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