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News Update

L.A. Community College District to increase adjuncts’ eligibility for health coverage

The Los Angeles Community College District will begin offering adjunct professors health insurance based on them working one-third as much time as full-time employees, the district announced Wednesday.

Adjuncts previously had to work half-time to be eligible for district health care coverage.

“We’re proud to announce that, together, we’ve reached an impactful and historic (contract) with our faculty colleagues,” Chancellor Francisco C. Rodriguez said in a statement.

The district is taking advantage of  $200 million in state funding passed last year that increased reimbursement for health coverage to part-time academics, district Vice Chancellor of Human Resources Teyanna Williams said in the statement.

Health coverage for part-time academics varies widely across the state, EdSource reported last year, with some districts providing no coverage at all.

“I am extremely pleased with the District’s decision to offer these benefits for our hard-working adjunct faculty, ”said A. James McKeever, president of the district’s Faculty Guild,  the union that negotiated the contract.