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News Update

Former S.F Giants slugger whiffs in Southern California school board election

Among those who struck out in Tuesday’s local school board elections across California was former San Francisco Giants slugger Aubrey Huff, who was routed in his effort to win a seat on the board of the Solana Beach School District in San Diego County, Sports Illustrated and other news outlets reported.

Huff, who in his retirement from baseball has tried to become something of a far-right political provocateur and commentator, lost to the board’s sitting vice president, Debra Schade, 1,505 votes to 362 in the two-person race. The district operates seven elementary schools.

Sports Illustrated pointed out that Huff’s 19.4.% of the vote was nearly as bad as his .192 batting average in his final season in the majors in 2012.

Little was known about Huff’s campaign platform. The Del Mar Times, which profiled the candidates, reported Huff could not be reached for an interview. His personal website makes no mention of his candidacy.

Citing Huff’s offensive political positions, including his unabridged support of Donald Trump, and offensive comments about women, the Giants banned Huff in 2020 from attending a 10-year reunion of the franchise’s 2010 World Series championship team. Huff  “has made multiple comments on social media that are unacceptable and run counter to the values of our organization,” a team spokesman said in a statement at the time.

Twitter also permanently banned Huff in 2021 for repeatedly tweeting false information about Covid-19 vaccines. He had also tweeted violent threats against former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.