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News Update

Fewer California families opt to open private home schools this year

During the height of the pandemic, a record 35,000 families had filed an affidavit with the state to open a private home school, but the numbers are far lower this year, according to California Department of Education records.

So far this school year, 25,109 families have filed a homeschool affidavit to operate a school with five or fewer students – the number the state Department of Education says is likely to be a home school. That is 4,000 fewer than by the same time last year when more than 29,000 families had filed the paperwork.

Despite the decrease in affidavits over last year, this year’s total is still higher than any other past year. In 2019-20 a total of 22,433 affidavits were filed. Before that, about 15,000 families a year filed affidavits to run home schools with five or fewer students.

Filing a private school affidavit annually is one way to home-school a child in California. Families also can choose a home study program through a public school or can enroll their children in a private school that offers home-schooling options.

Parents who file an affidavit do not have the oversight or guidance provided by a school district or public charter school. Instead, they must provide all the curriculum, materials and instruction for their children. They also do not receive funds to cover the cost of supplies, outside classes or extracurricular activities that charter schools usually provide.