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News Update

Eight out of 10 Gen Zers say social media distracts from school

A recent survey assessing the impact of social media on education today found that 82% of Gen Zers said it has distracted them from their schoolwork.

Not only does Gen Z, a generation of digital natives born between about 1997 and 2012, feel distracted by social media, but 56% of respondents also blamed it for feeling alienated from their peers.

Conducted by Tallo, a web-based networking platform for college students, the survey also confirmed previous research that social media often more negatively impacts young women in this cohort, which is sometimes referred to as zoomers. Three out of 4 female respondents said social media caused them to compare themselves to their peers, while only 56% of males said the same. 

While there are clearly risks to social media usage, proponents say, there are also benefits. For example, 71% of survey respondents said that they have learned a new study habit from social media. Students also reported using social platforms to learn more about prospective colleges.