News Update

Education activist and advocate Rex Fortune has died

Rex Fortune, who spent his life advocating for better education for Black children, died Sunday. He was 81.

Fortune founded the Fortune School of Education in Sacramento in 1989 to prepare a more diverse group of teaching candidates for public schools, especially in the subject areas of science and mathematics instruction, where there were large shortages, according to the school’s website.

After his daughter, Margaret Fortune, joined Fortune School of Education as its president and CEO in 2008, the organization expanded to include a system of charter schools in San Bernardino and Sacramento counties.

Rex Fortune was a school superintendent in public schools for 20 years before founding Fortune School of Education. He holds a doctorate in education from Stanford University.

Fortune authored four books on education including “Bridging the Achievement Gap” and “Leadership on Purpose: Promising practices for African American and Hispanic Students.” Last year he published “African American History Presentation: Video Lesson Plan.”