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CSU sued by student, employee featured in USA Today investigation

A USA Today investigation has led to a lawsuit against California State University and two former top administrators at Fresno State University.

A Fresno State student and employee are suing the university system, former Fresno State President Joseph Castro and former Vice President of Student Affairs Frank Lamas, according to the news agency.

They allege that Fresno State administrators mishandled their reports of sexual assault and harassment, causing them undue harm, according to USA Today. Title IX prohibits sex discrimination in education.

The student and school employee were interviewed by USA Today reporters for its investigation into allegations that Castro neglected the Title IX office and failed to address complaints of sexual harassment, bullying and retaliation lodged against Lamas.

The USA Today investigation resulted in Castro’s resignation, an outside investigation, a legislative audit and a number of reforms in the university system, according to the article.

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