News Update

CSU formalizes faculty retreat and closes employment loopholes

The California State University Board of Trustees voted Wednesday to create a systemwide policy that gives administrators the opportunity to retreat to a faculty position after they resign or retire.

The policy also allows campuses to revoke retreat rights if an administrator is under investigation for misconduct or there is a finding of misconduct against them.

The new policy also will not allow CSU to provide positive letters of reference, either verbal or written, for any current or former employee who engaged in misconduct that resulted in their firing or if they’re under investigation for misconduct.

“These new policies are important steps that will allow us to better focus on our core mission of improving the lives of Californians through the transformative power of higher education,” interim Chancellor Jolene Koester said.

Faculty retreat has traditionally been used to provide a safety net for professors who leave a tenured position to work in a campus’ senior administration. However, the perk has also been used to hire qualified candidates for positions even if they don’t come from faculty and is typically part of presidential compensation packages.

An EdSource investigation found the use of administrative faculty retreat varies by campus, and in some cases, has allowed administrators to retreat to the faculty despite investigations, allegations of misconduct or disciplinary actions made against them.