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News Update

Charter teacher workforce young and mostly female, according to new report

On Tuesday, the California Charter Schools Association released the first part of a two-part report called “The Face of Charter Public School Teachers 2023.” 

The report shows a workforce made up of mostly female teachers who tend to be new to the profession, according to the CSSA. Half of the teachers are white, 23% are Hispanic, 6% are Asian and 5% are Black.

The average charter school teacher has nine years of experience compared with 14 years for teachers at traditional public schools, according to the report.

More than 685,000 students — 12% of the public school student population — are enrolled in California’s 1,285 public charter schools. In 2019, 30,114 teachers worked in the schools, according to the CCSA.

The second part of the report, to be released next week, will feature interviews from charter school teachers.