News Update

Biden proposes doubling funding for high-poverty schools

The Biden administration on Friday proposed nearly doubling federal funding for high-poverty schools. The proposal could be the largest increase to Title I funding in the program’s history, taking funding for low-income schools from $16.5 billion currently to $36.5 billion.

The increase could provide an injection of financial support to districts struggling to adequately support students as they transition back to in-person instruction, as well as boosting ongoing learning goals and student services.

Biden’s latest education proposal is still in the early phases of the budget process, and it’s unclear if it will make it through Congress, Chalkbeat reports, as some Republicans have been skeptical over increased education funding.

The latest budget proposal also includes a 20% increase in federal special education funding, totaling about $15.5 billion, as well as $1 billion to hire more mental health professionals in schools, and a $100 million grant program aimed at supporting desegregation in communities across the country.