News Update

Average first-year college students not on track to graduate in five years

The average full-time college first-year student is not on track to complete a bachelor’s degree in five years, according to a new report released yesterday by the National Student Research Clearinghouse.

Only 51% of full-time students earned 24 or more credits in their first year nationally, while only 28% earned 30 or more credits. The clearinghouse also found that, on average, students earn nine credits for every 12 credits they attempt.

Although, for the purposes of financial aid, the federal government determines full-time status as 12 credits per semester, students typically must take at least 15 credits a semester or 30 credits a year to earn a bachelor’s degree within four years.

The report found that the “average full-time student does not even attempt enough credits to complete a bachelor’s degree in four years.” Students typically attempted fewer than 27 credits and earned fewer than 22.