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Storylines: Part explainer, part timeline

By EdSource Staff

Updated on December 23, 2015

The EdSource Today editorial team has selected several significant education issues to present in timelines that will be regularly updated. The timelines allow you to quickly get up to speed on EdSource’s coverage of these notable issues. Scroll down the page to get a snapshot of the key events that occurred. Click on the headlines to read the articles that explain why, when, and how the events evolved, as well as the most recent developments.

Storylines are a different way of telling stories. Part explainer, part timeline, Storylines tracks the evolution of a story as it develops. It offers a way for readers who are new to a topic to easily go back and learn about a story’s history and the milestones that marked it.

A work in progress, the goal of Storylines is to continue building upon the story as new developments happen and to also reach back and add more historical context to provide the deepest and richest experience possible. Want to see the events that catalyzed a renewed push to eliminate vaccine opt-outs in public schools, Storylines has you covered. Interested to learning why thousands of students are getting high school diplomas years after they failed their exit exams. Storylines covers that too.

We want to hear from you, our dear readers, about this new feature and what interesting stories you would like us to Storyline. Don’t be shy.