The state Legislative Analyst’s Office produced its annual review of the governor’s spending plans for higher education in California. A wide range of topics are covered, including community colleges, public universities, technical education, financial aid and even support for animal shelter reforms headed by UC Davis. The analysis supports some of the plans but questions the vagueness of others and calls for more details. For example, the report notes that the proposed state revenue increases of $199 million for the California State University (CSU) and $169 million for the University of California (UC) does not have “clear, specific state spending priorities.”  This budgetary approach “is fraught with problems—leaving the Legislature not knowing how CSU and UC will spend the proposed augmentations (including how many students they will serve), whether the universities’ budget priorities will be aligned with legislative interests, or whether the proposed augmentations are too little or too much to meet state objectives,” the Legislative Analyst study says.